The Seprona finds hundreds of animal corpses in Monte Zarzuela

We bring you a rather peculiar story that has taken place in El Casar, Guadalajara, specifically in the Monte Zarzuela urbanization, a very popular place in the municipality because it was the space where the construction of an urbanization had been projected that finally came to a standstill, and which has now increased the interest on the part of both locals and foreigners precisely after the discovery of hundreds of animal carcasses by Seprona.

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  • Amores Peludos denounces the presence of animal remains in Monte Zarzuela
  • Seprona investigates the provenance of animal carcasses

Amores Peludos denounces the presence of animal remains in Monte Zarzuela

The association Amores Peludos decided to file a complaint with Seprona after finding animal remains on land belonging to the Monte Zarzuela urbanization, which is located in the municipality of El Casar in Guadalajara.

From the first moment, the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard, decided to move to the scene of the events in order to observe if it was really a case that required investigation, and upon arrival they were able to find numerous remains, mainly bones, of hundreds of animals in what appeared to have become a illegal animal cemetery.

We must start from the basis that this area belongs to an urbanization that is still under construction today, because it was forced after the crisis to interrupt its progress.

That is why, until now, only the roads and the sewage system had been built, which apparently has been the place chosen by hundreds of people to dispose of their domestic animals quickly and economically, introducing them through the different openings of said sewer, and on some occasions, not even bothering to do so, leaving the bodies of animals in the air or in sacks.

Several members of the Seprona have been in charge of removing and gathering all the bone remains, which have appeared in very different states both inside the sewer system and in bags, sacks, wrapped in cloth, etc..

The Seprona finds hundreds of animal corpses in Montezarzuela

Seprona investigates the provenance of animal carcasses

According to the information obtained so far, no animal abuse is observed in this case, that is, the remains found so far appear to come from animals that died before reaching this destination..

This makes Seprona think that it is really an illegal use of the space as an animal cemetery, but it has also opened an investigation with the aim of clarifying the facts, in addition to emphasizing the importance of complying with the legislation on the matter. animal health.

In this sense, the owners of domestic animals are obliged to dispose of the corpses of their pets in the way that has already been established, among which incineration stands out..

In addition, your death must also be officially reported.

It should be noted that these requirements are intended to prevent these dead animals from posing a risk to public health and even also to the environment and, especially, to other animals, so that those who do not comply with them can be sentenced to penalties up to € 3,000.

Seprona has already warned that it will file the appropriate complaints based on the chips located in this illegal animal cemetery, so that those people who have thrown the remains of their pets in this place, it is possible that in the coming weeks they will receive a surprise in their mailboxes.

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