Is Down syndrome a disease?

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Down syndrome is a condition

For years the Down's Syndrome like a disease. It really is a condition and this bad idea is what has caused those who have it to be stigmatized.

"Congenital anomaly produced by the total or partial triplication of chromosome 21, which is characterized by different degrees of intellectual disability and a variable set of somatic alterations, among which the skin fold between the nose and the eyelid stands out ", definition of the RAE.


It is not a disease because there is no cure and there is no specific treatment. And although there are associated diseases, they do not always occur, nor do they appear in the same way.

A person with Down syndrome can have mild to moderate cognitive impairment. However, this is not an impediment to being an active member of society and leading a normal life where you study and work. Here you can read 10 curiosities about Down syndrome that you probably did not know.

They seem happier


It is usual that in our desire not to suffer for them, or to wish that they do not suffer, we get used to the idea that people with Down syndrome are happy, probably more than us, and that they are affectionate and smiling. Well, this is not always the case. In fact, it does not have to be that way, and they have no obligation to be, although the right.

We must look at them and treat them, as people just like us, who have good days, regular days, and bad days. With your feelings, hopes, dreams and illusions; with your problems and your concerns. In the following images we can see his affective capacity.

An 88-year-old father is reunited with his 53-year-old son who has Down syndrome after spending a week apart for the first time. And some think it's a disease


- Tito (@ Tito9k9) September 1, 2018

Those born with Down syndrome have to face countless obstacles to achieve their dreams. The good news is that for them there are no impediments, since they only require a little support and believe in themselves to get what they want so much.. Principle valid for everyone, right?

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