Rock never dies: old man listening to Metallica in the car

Age is an attitude. You can be old at 20 and be a kid at 87, that's how it is. Because even if the body deteriorates, the spirit can be preserved as the first day if you take care a little, if you dedicate time and love to it. You have to love yourself!

To show a button. A few days ago, a video was published on YouTube that is the most obvious proof that youth is something that is carried inside, that stereotypes are just that, made-up conventions, and that when you're sure of who you are and what you love, there is no shame or cliches that are worth.

Some young men were in their car when they stopped at a check. And what a surprise they were when they discovered that the man who was driving a few meters was going to show them that, despite being older, he was still a kid.


Seeing how it was shaking, they took the camera and started filming. They could not do otherwise before such a scene. And what was happening was not that the man was having an attack, no. The reality was that they were facing a true rock lover.

With Metallica's music blaring, the old man shook his head and his whole body to the rhythm of the frenzied drums. What a pleasure to enjoy what you like!

I hope we all get to that age with our passions intact and our open mind, Well, there is nothing more comforting than knowing that one is still the same as so many years ago.

Source: Karbofos02

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