Can the dog be home alone all day?

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Whether you are considering welcoming a dog into your home or if you already live with one of these beautiful companion animals, it is normal that many doubts often come to your head, especially if you understand the great responsibility that it means to welcome a dog and cover all your needs.

If you are passionate about dogs, you probably already know that they are very sociable animals, that they greatly enjoy interaction with their human family and that they are capable of creating very strong emotional bonds..

The behavior of a balanced dog makes many people think that these animals are the best pets, but taking into account this pleasant character we must ask ourselves, ¿The dog can be home alone all day? We try to solve this question in the following AnimalWised article.

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What is possible and what is suitable

¿Is it possible for a dog to stay home alone all day? Yes, this situation can occur and unfortunately it occurs on numerous occasions, so we must ask ourselves, ¿Is it appropriate for the dog to stay home alone for the whole day? Do not, It is not a situation that is beneficial for the dog, but it can cause serious behavior problems.

Many dogs are extremely attached to their human family, and when they are left home alone they suffer from separation anxiety, feeling threatened and in danger when their master is away from home..

Separation anxiety can and should be treated when it occurs frequently with separations that are not prolonged, however, it should be interpreted as a normal response in those cases in which the dog remains alone at home throughout the day..

Is this situation compatible with the dog's needs?

A dog that remains alone throughout the day inside the home (in those houses that do not have outdoor space), ¿how can you exercise? This is one of the first needs of the dog that are not respected when this situation occurs.

As we mentioned initially, the dog is a very sociable animal and needs to interact with humans, but if its human family is not at home throughout the day, ¿what kind of interaction can take place?

This leads the dog to a state of stress and frustration, which can finally be channeled through destructive behaviors, since this will be one of the few options the dog has to manage its energy, sometimes the behaviors that appear are obsessive in nature -compulsive.

A dog will not be happy or in a complete state of well-being if he stays home alone all day..

Is it a situation that occurs during a defined period of time?

Dogs may not cope well with the changes that occur in their environment, this also happens to humans on numerous occasions, however, we know that life is not linear and that many times they appear changes we must face in the best possible way.

It may be that the family member who spent the longest time with the dog has gone abroad for a few days, it is also possible that the workday undergoes modifications or that a health situation occurs that requires the hospitalization of a member of the human family.

These situations do not occur voluntarily and one must adapt as best as possible, in this case, we must also ensure that our dog adapts well to the new situation.

To do this, do not skimp on affection, games or time when you return home, your dog will need to know that you are still available for him. Always try that another person can come home at least once during the day to take him out for walks and interact with him.

However, If the situation is going to be indefinite and you really love your dog, you should know that the best option is to find a foster family that can fully satisfy the needs of the dog.

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