The dog does not want to come home after a walk: what to do?

Many of those who start a dog will not think about whether they will be able to satisfy the zoosocial needs, ethological and physiological of the dog, that is, providing the living conditions inherent to this kind of animals.

There are dog owners what they act selfishly by not thinking about what the dog wants. However, biology is a ruthless and vindictive lady. She takes revenge on such owners with hostile actions of the dog: destruction of the apartment, urination and defecation in the house, howling and barking (complaints from the neighbors!), Disobedience of the dog and even aggressiveness.

Most domestic dogs, that is, dogs that live in apartments and houses, are under constant stress. Judge for yourself: a domestic / apartment dog lives in conditions of spatial limitation, that is, in a confined space. And who exists in conditions of limited freedom? Correctly, prisoners. Therefore, a house dog / house is sentenced to life imprisonment. By this I mean that the restriction of freedom in all living beings causes a state of stress of one degree or another.

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What if you walk the dog?

Take your dog out a lot, often and correctly, it will certainly help you. However, a survey of 439 dog owners of 76 breeds showed that 53% of owners had a morning walk of 15 to 30 minutes. But during this time it is impossible to satisfy the dog's needs: the need for physical activity, the need for new information, and the need for additional stimulation. This is actually the case because studies have shown that the overall incidence of undesirable behavior in dogs is correlated with the length of the walk: the longer the morning walk, the less undesirable behavior is observed..

If we talk about the need for physical activity, then the dogs must walk until they get tired. Then they will be happy. There is no time? So why did they have a dog?

At night, the owners walk their dogs longer. It's true. But they walk longer not because the dogs need it, they walk longer to rest after a day at work and relax before bed. Dogs do not need to walk anymore at night. They sleep at night.

Walking is not just a physical activity, it is a time when a dog is exposed to millions of different stimuli and stimuli that are so necessary for the optimal existence of its nervous system. Recall that for thousands of years the central nervous system of the dog it existed and developed under the influence of a great variety of stimuli and irritants. And this has become not only the norm, but also a necessity..

When you go to work and you leave your dog alone in a small apartment, poor and monotonous, experiences sensory deprivation. And this does not increase their joy. By the way, under conditions of sensory deprivation, people also experience a state of stress, become depressed or go crazy.

And when you leave the dog alone, You leave it alone! And in all the books it is written that the dog is a very socialized creature. Left alone, she finds herself in a situation of social deprivation and experiences, respectively, a state of social stress and boredom.

A) Yes, coming home for some dogs means going back to solitary confinement, sensory and social deprivation and restriction of freedom. Now you can see why some dogs don't want to go home.

What to do?

It has to organize dog maintenance to be adapted to the deficiencies you are experiencing. Get up early and walk the dog longer and more actively. Have toys smart dog at home.

Walk your dog on a leash and teach him unconditional obedience. Of course, this will not make the dog happier, but it will eliminate the problem of stamina.

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