The dog doesn't want to leave the park and gets everyone on his side

Dogs, especially young ones, have a lot more energy than we do when it comes to playing and having fun. For this reason, sometimes, the dose of exercise and entertainment that we provide is not enough for them, and so they let us know..

In this case, the human has decided that it is time to go home from the park, but the dog has other plans. In the manner of the great pacifists, and using the technique of non-violent resistance, the dog decides to lie down on the ground and refuse to make any movement..

In this way, and how could it be otherwise, he wins the sympathy of all the people who witness the scene, which is becoming more fun every time.

The desperate owner tries everything and, when he finally succeeds, the dog leaves amid laughter and applause, having achieved, at least, the moral victory. Don't miss the video, it's hilarious.

Source: Facebook - Kristen Bohlsen

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