The Most Expensive Dog in the World

The most expensive dog in the world Belongs to the Tibetan Mastiff breed. All this arose from the purchase of this copy by a millionaire in almost two million dollars.

It was sold on most expensive dog in the world. A millionaire bought a tibetan mastiff for almost two million dollars. This breed has become the latest trend of the upper class in China.

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    • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    • Samoyed
    • Rottweiler
    • Pharaoh hound
    • English bulldog
    • Akita

Where Does the Tibetan Mastiff Come From?

The Tibetan Mastiff also known as Dogo del Tibet (Do-Khy), has its origin in Tibet. In ancient times It was a working breed used by the nomads of the Himalayas, likewise it was used as guard dog of tibetan monasteries.

Is a dog that from its beginnings it is taken as a mystic, great of history like Aristotle (384-322 a. C.) make mention of the writings of Marco Polo and the description of the wonders of this specimen, in the year 1271 in Asia.

Among its outstanding characteristics are its strength and determination, with a brilliant mind and a very particular and unique bark, a treasured characteristic of the race.

In history there is a sale of this specimen, with a very high cost such as 1.6 million Euros, the dog was called Hong Dong, acquired by a Chinese coal magnate.

The Tibetan Mastiff It is considered as the dog from which all large mountain breeds and other dogs of Mastiff breed.

Characteristics of the Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a service dog, that is used as a watchdog, that provides protection to the property and those who inhabit it. It reaches a maturity from 2 to 3 years of life in females and males a year later.

His appearance is of power, with a large bone structure and robust and heavy gait. His appearance has nothing to do with how docile and kind he can be.

Has a reserved temperament, provides protection to its owner and family, among its proportions it should be taken into account that the body is moderately longer than the height of the withers.

His naso-frontal depression at the tip of the nose it is equal to the occiput. It has a slightly shorter nasal bridge. With a wide head in which, as an adult, you may have wrinkles in this area that go over the eyes to the corners of the lips..

Owns a nose and a wide muzzle, the latter with a square shape, the lips are well developed. Their teeth and jaws are strong, their bite is scissor-shaped although a pincer-type bite is also acceptable.

Their eyes They are very expressive with a medium-sized oval shape, of a brownish hue or any color, with a great separation from each other and at the same time oblique.

It has ears mediantriangular shaped and drooping, with the outer part of the same covered by a soft and short fur.

Owns a well defined musculature on the neck and the rest of the dog's body, it should generally not have much dewlap, which is hidden by a very dense layer of thick and abundant fur.

The chest of this specimenr is very broad with well sprung ribs giving the rib cage a heart shape. Its tail is medium to long with a high inversion, it is curled on the back or back of the dog to one side, it has a large amount of hair in the form of fringes.

Limbs The anterior ones are straight and covered with a lot of hair, the posterior or rear ones have very strong muscles and in a parallel way if they are seen from the back. Has large, compact feet.

This specimen has a firm movement, although when walking it feels slow on the move it is a very agile and elastic dog.

The hair of the Tibetan Mastiff It is the most striking and attractive of the breed, so it requires a lot of care to keep it healthy. It is a long hair and at the same time very dense, the hair is hard and fine, smooth, you will never find a specimen of this breed with curly or silky hair.

Coat color It can be black, tan, brown, gold in various shades, as well as gray and blue. They can have a white star on their chest.

It has a size of 66 cm for the male and the female 61cm. It has a long longevity of 10 to 14 years.

Other expensive dog breeds out there

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It is a breed of small dog, friendly and with great energy, so it is very active. It is a companion dog and it has an antiquity that dates back to more than the 16th century, as shown in famous paintings of that century. Its origin is centered in the United Kingdom.

It has a height at the withers of 30 to 33 cm, it is a small dog with a long longevity of 9 to 14 years, the females of 5 9 - 8.2 kg and the male of 5.9 - 8.2 kg, in Adulthood.


Its origin It is found in the Samoyeds located in northern Russia who had this breed to be used in herding, pulling sledges, among others.

It is a race with great strength and endurance.a, so environmental changes do not cause harm, it is capable of withstanding sub-zero temperatures in the worst conditions. It has a longevity of 12 to 13 years.

Her fur It is abundant and white, cream, biscuit white. It reaches an adult weight in the female of 16-20 kg and the male 20-30 kg, and a measurement or size in the female of 48-53 cm and in the male of 20-30 cm.

It usually has a strong and even stubborn temperament but is also friendly and faithful to its owner.


Is a race belonging to the molosser dogs whose origin they have it in Germany where they knew him as "The Rottweil Butcher Dog ", because he was a cattle herding dog and his strength allowed him drag sleds full of meat.

It has a longevity of 8 to 12 years and a weight in the female of 35-48 kg and the male of 50-60 kg, with a measurement of 56-63 cm for the female and in the male of 61-69cm.

Is a dog with a strong temperament and very alert for what is used as guard dog, with proper training he is very obedient and with unmatched courage.

Pharaoh hound

It originates from Malta, and is recognized as national breed of the area. It has a longevity of 11 to 14 years and a pleasant temperament, it is very intelligent so training is easy.

Can be found with a tan coat, red Golden, Rich Tan, Chestnut. The female has a measurement of 53-61 cm and for the male it is 55-63 cm.

English bulldog

Its origin takes us to the United Kingdom, where this specimen was initially used to bets on fights that were of great popularity in the seventeenth century, later they were banned, but as a result of these fights many breeds of dogs that we know today as is the case of the English Bulldog originated.

It has a longevity of 8 to 10 years, it is a dog that has a fearsome appearance but in truth he is very friendly and protective. Its color can vary from white, fawn, to brindle and red, among others. The female can weigh 18-23 kg and measure 31-40 cm and the male 23-25 ​​kg and measure 31-40 cm.


Its origin takes us to Japan. A very popular dog for being used for big game hunting, his strength and courage led him to be part of the army of warriors of Japan as a defense and attack dog.

His temperament is docile, friendly, faithful, Although in its origins they classify it as aggressive, over the years its other attributes have prevailed in the breed and its strong and aggressive temperament has diminished..

The female Akita It has a weight of 34-50 kg and measures 58-64 cm and the male of this breed weighs 34-54 kg and measures 64-70cm. With a longevity of 10 to 15 years.

Summary Article Name The most expensive dog in the world Description The most expensive dog in the world is the Tibetan Mastiff. All this arose from the purchase of this copy by a millionaire for almost two million dollars. Author Natalia

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