Is the Czechoslovakian wolfdog a hybrid?

Animal file: Czechoslovakian wolfdog

¿Do you like wild dogs and wolves even more? Then the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog will surely cause a great fascination in you, both for its behavior, as well as for its skills and behavior..

The term "Czechoslovakian wolfdog " generally leads to great confusion, ¿Is it a dog, a wolf or a hybrid? And surely you want to clarify this information because hybrids between dogs and wolves have a completely unfair reputation for unstable temperament and aggressiveness, despite the fact that they have not been shown to represent a greater danger to humans than other dogs of great importance. size.

¿But the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a hybrid? This is the question that we clarify in the following Animal Expert article.

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  1. Originally a hybrid, today a canine breed
  2. The genetics of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog
  3. Wolf behaviors in the Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Originally a hybrid, today a canine breed

Hybrids between dogs and wolves are known in different ways: wolfdog, wolf hybrid, wolf-dog hybrid or lubican, but in any case this term refers to the cross between a dog and a gray wolf.

In its origins, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog was a hybrid bred in 1955, in Czechoslovakia, crossing German shepherds with Carpathian wolves, also known as European wolves.

The result of what was initially a biological experiment was highly positive, giving rise to specimens that had the best of the German shepherd together with the great strength and resistance of the wolf, in addition, perfectly suitable for breeding.

A decade later, in 1965, the project that will give rise to the breed that we know today as the Czechoslovakian wolfdog begins, which was recognized by the FCI (International Cynological Federation) as a canine breed in 1989, provisionally and subsequently having a definitive recognition in 1999.

Therefore, we are facing a dog breed recognized relatively recently, but that does not change its definition, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog. it is a canine breed and not a hybrid, although its origins were the cross between dogs and wolves.

The genetics of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Of all the wolf-like dogs we could place this canine breed in the first place and this is because the Czechoslovakian wolfdog has 30% of genetic material belonging to the European wolf.

These genes belonging to the wolf are not only responsible for the physical beauty of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog but also have a lot to do with some of its behavioral traits.

But before seeing what are the wolf behaviors that this canine breed presents, it is necessary to make an obligatory parenthesis, because commonly the wild behavior of the wolf is interpreted as aggressive behavior, and this is totally wrong.

In fact, if we observe the animal kingdom, the wild behaviors that occur have a reason for existing, normally survival, and at this point we are not wrong if we identify humans as the most aggressive species on our planet..

Therefore, that a dog exhibits typical behaviors of wolves does not mean it is an aggressive dog, aggressiveness remains the responsibility of the owner.

Wolf behaviors in the Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Below you can see what are the behaviors of the wolf that occur in this breed of dog and how you will see, they are not negative aspects, rather they contribute to the Czechoslovakian wolfdog having a genuine character which will be appreciated by many dog ​​lovers.

  • It is a dog that tends to be shy and distrustful, since the wolf tries to avoid any situation that could be dangerous in order to survive. Therefore, this characteristic does not lead to the Czechoslovakian wolfdog being more aggressive, it can only lead the dog to want to get away from a new situation whose safety it cannot initially assess..
  • Wolves are very smart, they do not seek confrontations but avoid dangerous situations. For this reason, a properly socialized Czechoslovakian wolfdog will never be aggressive with other animals or with other people who do not belong to its human family. He will only try to avoid contact.
  • It is a dog that has a strong sense of the pack, needs to belong to a pack (the human family) more than any other dog, Therefore, he should never be left isolated under any circumstances, this would be a great punishment for him.
  • The Czechoslovakian wolfdog will only show aggressiveness when the integrity of its pack or human family is in danger, in this case it will be willing to defend you even with its life if necessary..

Although there is much controversy regarding the possibility of having a wolf as a pet, in my point of view this is not appropriate, since it involves the oppression of a wild being, however, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog can be very happy sharing a home with a human family.

This canine breed represents a dog of extraordinary characteristics with a behavior that is sometimes the same as that of the wolf, therefore, it is the best option to approach the wild life from the domestic environment, being also a very suitable dog to live with children.

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