The dog is afraid of water: what to do?

If a dog is afraid of water and is easily scared, it can become very annoying for the owner. Must do everything possible for our dog to overcome his fears of water.

The safest thing is that if the dog is afraid of water it is due to, he suffered some bad experience in the past or some fear inherited from his mother.

If your pet's mother was reluctant to talk about the bathroom, it is likely that the puppy also curls the tail when seeing a water bath. Therefore, it takes up to three months to begin to form the character of the animal and its habits. This is the most important period of socialization, overcoming fears, reinforcing stereotypes. You have to take advantage of it since the owner has influence on the dog at this stage of his life.

Usually a dog who has inherited the fear of water avoids approaching the pond, stops and reaches the edge of the pond. At the same time, he barks at the owner, encourages him to leave the "Terrible place ".

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Ways to Water Train Your Puppy:

  • Try to walk more often in the area of ​​bodies of water. It is especially important to have time to play by the water on a hot day. It is best to do this before the dog has eaten. If the puppy goes into the water, it should be pleasant for him, otherwise the next time he may not be so successful;
  • You should try different interesting games in shallow water. Favorite toys can be used, running along the edge of a shallow reservoir;
  • Can throw a treat by the lake, but it is important to ensure that the distance to the water gradually decreases;
  • The most effective way will be the example of other dogs: playmates who love water;
  • The owner's personal example will also be an effective method. Experienced dog breeders will have a couple of memories of how they creatively helped the puppy into the water. For example, they say that a dog breeder, being in the water, screamed, pretended to drown, and the faithful defender of excitement forgot his fears and rushed to save the owner..


Don't surprise your dog. The dog is afraid unexpected water gets into your eyes, nose, and ears. The owners have to try show the dogs that the water is safe for him.

The main thing is that the dog feels the urge to go into the water on his own. Warn other family members not to throw the puppy into the water. If the dog swims next to you, prop him under his stomach for a bit. Do not hinder the dog's desire to swim to shore. Remember that in a situation where the puppy is afraid of water, gradualism and kindness are in your favor. The patience and delicacy of the owner will sooner or later overcome the pet phobia.

At the same time, you must avoid lisp, show pity. Animals remember reactions well and can further manipulate the owner.

Remember that dogs, just like humans, they have personality traits. Sometimes it makes no sense to wonder why a dog is afraid of water, it may not be fear at all, but simply an aversion to water. This means that you do not need to get rid of fear, but instill a love of swimming.

In this case, leave the game by the coast unfinished each time, in the most interesting place. Let your pet play happily next time; otherwise you may find it boring.

Rules to follow when bathing your dog:
  • Avoid bodies of water in large industrial cities;
  • It is also better to refuse to swim in reservoirs with steep banks, strong currents and underwater wells;
  • Do not forget to rinse the dog with fresh water after swimming in the sea;
  • Don't let your dog dive in, don't reward him;
  • Make sure the hot dog does not fall into the water, give him a drink, cool the hair on his head with a wet hand.

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