The dog inside or outside the house?

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Choosing whether our dog is going to live inside or outside the house will be a decision that will influence behavior and the attitude of our dog when he is an adult. Whether you have already decided that your dog lives inside or outside the home, or if you have not decided yet, we recommend that you carefully read this article in which we will make it clear which is the best option and why.

If you are a responsible owner, you will quickly understand why we suggest one of the two options.. ¿You are ready? Find out if the dog must be inside or outside the house in this AnimalWised article.

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Are dogs happy outside the home?

It is true that in the past, and especially in rural areas, practically all families left their dogs abroad. But it was not a choice related to dirt or hair: the majority of dogs that resided outside were livestock protection dogs or guard dogs.

A dog is happy in the field whether when we go on a hike, for a walk or even when we spend an entire afternoon playing ball. However, dogs they are social animals who are used to living in a "herd " so spending long hours alone makes them vulnerable to feeling lonely, bored, and marginalized. One of the most common problems in dogs that spend many hours alone is separation anxiety, which directly affects the behavior of the animal, making it anxious, stressed and destructive.

For that reason, and although we work obedience on a daily basis, we can suffer when we observe how our dog becomes disobedient and begins to change its behavior. It can also begin to suffer "resource protection" with the territory, behavior that can become aggressive and very dangerous, including to ourselves. The day to day with our pet helps us to create a strong and close bond that will make it follow us, want to carry out our orders and in short, be happy.

On the other hand, it should also be considered that the most intelligent dog breeds (which are currently the most used in security and surveillance) are the ones that suffer the most when being outdoors. Dogs such as the German Shepherd, the Doberman Pinscher or the Belgian Malinois require a very important mental, social and physical stimulation that, if not fulfilled, can inevitably lead to severe behavior problems.

To all this we will add that using a dog as a watchdog is a very bad idea. Dogs are living beings that need attention, affection and a family to belong to. Watchdogs are sad, unmotivated animals.

Finally, we must also pay attention to an important detail: the dog is not an animal that will spend long hours lying down and doing nothing, on the contrary, it needs to run, play, discover and be happy. For this reason, a day will come when the dog will decide to leave the garden or field in which it resides, looking for an insect to chase or a trail that will take it somewhere. It will become an adventurous dog which means that it can go off to other houses to steal food or to the forest with the presence of wild boars, for example. Many people in this situation will decide to tie him up, with which the poor animal will have to spend the rest of its life in chains.

It goes without saying that having a dog to be left out, leashed and probably very nervous is a bad idea. If we want a watchman we can hire an alarm and if we want to enjoy a beautiful furry animal, we better buy a stuffed animal. Adopting to keep an animal out of the house, especially the dog that is so social, is a serious mistake. Let's not make you unhappy.

If we are evaluating the option of having a dog outside for hygiene, we must remember that there are breeds that do not shed hair, something to consider if we are really scrupulous. But attention, it is also important to understand that the dog is an animal that likes to sniff (it is a form of relaxation and knowledge of the environment), to be in comfortable places such as our sofa (as we do) and that it can drool or dirty a little (¡like ourselves!). All these details are inherent to the nature of the dog. If we are not willing to tolerate them, we should not consider having this noble animal by our side.

And inside the house?

Inside the house, the dog enhances its socialization process with people by observing and dealing with family members and different guests, so if we want to enjoy a sociable adult dog it will be essential to make him learn to relate to people. Including him in the home is the best option.

Also, inside the house the dog gain in quality of life:

  • By touching and caressing it regularly we will detect before the appearance of a possible disease, tumor or internal ailment.
  • You will have less predisposition to the appearance of calluses on the elbows.
  • Also, you will be less likely to suffer from a parasite infestation.
  • Your coat will be cleaner.
  • You will not suffer the consequences of bad weather: rain, snow, low temperatures...

Inside the house we will be aware of the tastes, habits and character of our pet. We will be helping him in his development from a close and familiar point of view, something that every dog ​​should be able to enjoy.

Having the dog inside the house, regardless of whether we have a garden or not, is the option every homeowner should choose if you love your pet. Education, patience and affection are the key that will allow us to enjoy a clean, careful and calm dog inside the house, but active, excitable and happy when going for a walk..

And you, ¿where do you have your dog?

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