The farmer and his obsession with food

Animal file: Labrador Retriever

The human family sits down to eat at the table, suddenly, the dog becomes alert, gets up and approaches with great curiosity, sits next to you and looks at you, if you look back at it and observe its attentive face, tender and her mesmerizing look, you are lost, it is practically impossible not to feed her.

Obviously we are talking about the Labrador, a dog with a beautiful appearance and an irresistible character for dog lovers, since few dogs are so kind, docile, friendly, affectionate and also very suitable for work. There are many characteristics that make the Labrador one of the most popular dogs, but among them we must highlight that its appetite is voracious and it seems to be a practically insatiable dog..

This is the specific topic that we address in this Animal Expert article., the labrador and his obsession with food.

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  1. Why does the Labrador Retriever have an insatiable appetite?
  2. Reasons why you should not give in to your Labrador's requests
  3. Healthy diet and exercise for the Labrador Retriever

Why does the Labrador Retriever have an insatiable appetite?

Canine obesity is a very dangerous disease for our pets and that unfortunately occurs with increasing frequency, for this same reason several studies have been carried out in the veterinary field that have tried to identify the genetic causes of this pathological state.

A study carried out at the University of Cambridge identified a variant of the first gene related to the appearance of obesity in dogs, it is a gene called POMC and that it was precisely discovered in Labrador retrievers.

It is precisely the variety or mutation of this gene that gives Labradors a voracious and continuous appetite.. ¿Does this mean that we have to respond with food to this genetic characteristic of the Labrador? No, it is actually a nefarious idea.

Reasons why you should not give in to your Labrador's requests

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, resisting when you are eating and your adorable Labrador looks at you with the face of a slaughtered lamb is difficult, very difficult, but if you really love your pet, you can't share your food with her every time I ask.

You should know that the Labrador is one of the breeds most prone to obesity, which implies the following risks:

  • What you can consider a pampering or show of affection towards your dog is actually a factor that contributes to the development of obesity, since the Labrador is very prone to gaining weight.
  • Obesity can lead to heart disease, respiratory problems and joint pathologies, with the consequent decrease in mobility and quality of life of the dog.
  • If you continually give in to the requests for food that your Labrador makes, you will make him acquire a very harmful habit, therefore it is better to prevent this type of customs.

Healthy diet and exercise for the Labrador retriever

It is recommended that you feed your Labrador retriever with food whose calorie content is reduced compared to the reference food. Despite this, you may also want to offer homemade food, but doing it when you are eating is not a good option, since this implies adding calories that your dog does not need.

In any case, you can substitute a feed intake for a homemade food intake, but it is better not to mix both types of preparations, since the digestion time varies from one to the other and this could cause gastric problems.

Although the Labrador is a dog prone to obesity, it has the advantage of having a very robust physical structure and suitable for physical activity, That is why it is important that you exercise it daily, in addition, there are multiple exercises for Labrador retrievers that will help you maintain the health of your pet and prevent obesity.

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