The giant of the jungle: the elephant

Is a big and heavy animal and stands out for having ancient origins, as it is a family of mammoths and mastodons. It is about the elephant, that enormous species that currently has two known types, the African and the Asian. Its long ears and long trunk are its main features.

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  • These are some specifications of the elephant:
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These are some specifications of the elephant:

1.- The elephant it can measure up to 4 meters and weighs more than 6 thousand kilos. Wow !!! Despite this magnitude, they have the ability to move with an acceptable speed: about 40 kilometers per hour. Its large ears also serve to self-regulate its temperature, because this area has many blood vessels.

It has tough skin, which is covered with little hair and its long and boneless trunk, which allows it to move without any problem. That trunk has more than 400 thousand muscles that is perfect for its own orientation and as a nose, hand and arm..

The elephants they also make small sounds to communicate with their parts. Although they are not fully perceived, they can also be felt on the feet of others animals of the herd.

two.- Elephants are heavy, even since they come out of the inside of their mother. Just at birth, the "little ones" weigh almost 100 kilos, an amount that of course is increasing thanks to the mother's diet. When the elephant becomes an adult, reaches an extraordinary weight of 7 tons. That's why they call him the giant of the jungle.

A great diet

3.- On television or in photos, you see the elephants walking through savannas. The truth is that these giants can adapt very well to jungles, forests and any place with ample space and of course, easy access to water, since they usually bathe to mitigate the heat and escape the insects that bite them.

As mentioned, there are two types of species, the African (which is obviously found in Africa) and the Asian, which can be seen in India and China. In both cases, the elephants are being taken to parks or reserves in order to protect them from poaching..

4.- The elephant diet It is herbivorous, so they spend a long time eating fruits, plants, trees and grass. They can consume more than 200 kilos of food a day. During its first two years of life, the elephant feeds on mother's milk, but then, it starts on the feeding of herbs.

The elephants They use about 15 hours to eat, because according to specialists, they can only process half of what they consume. And as is evident, elephants have to drink more than 14 liters of water.

5.- The elephants it also has a very particular characteristic, its fangs. They are part of the bones that sometimes have different sizes between them, this because one is always more used than another. The tusks have become the great target of the hunting of the people, who seek to obtain this material for the elaboration of articles.

6.- They are quite long-lived, living up to 80 years. Their helpful ears also emit signals so they can warn pack members that danger is nearby..

As a curious fact, those huge ears, they work similar to a person's fingerprints, they don't look like any other, because they are original.

7.- The elephants They start the mating process once both sexes are mature enough. For example, females are ready at 14 years of age, while males reach 50 years of age to procreate. Once the female becomes pregnant, she has a gestation that lasts 22 months. When the child is born, it cannot see and must be guided and protected by the mother. During its beginnings, the calf can consume almost 10 thousand liters of milk.

Over the years, elephants they have become the target of the fighters, so their presence on this planet is increasingly compromised. It is important to protect the species that still remain and to achieve their reproduction.

Summary Article Name The giant of the jungle: the elephant Description It is a large and heavy animal and stands out for having ancient origins, as it is a family of mammoths and mastodons. Author Natalia

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