The emperor scorpion as a pet

Many people want to have exotic pets, different from the usual ones such as the emperor scorpion, an invertebrate that will surely not leave anyone indifferent. Before adopting an animal like this we must inform us properly of its care, of how we will do it to have it in our home and most importantly: if its bite is poisonous or not.

Find out everything you need to know about emperor scorpion as a pet before adopting one in this AnimalWised article and find out whether or not it is a suitable pet:

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  1. Characteristics of the emperor scorpion
  2. Emperor scorpion care
  3. Emperor scorpion diet

Characteristics of the emperor scorpion

The emperor scorpion (Pandinus imperator) is an invertebrate that comes from Africa and the truth is that home ownership is increasingly popular. For this reason it is not difficult to find him, whatever the country you are in..

It has a large size since the females can reach up to 18 centimeters (the males about 15) and it is about quite peaceful specimens, one reason many people decide to adopt. They are glossy black in color although they may show slightly different hues. In general, they do not use their stinger even to kill their prey, they prefer their huge and powerful claws.

¿The emperor scorpion has poison?

The bite of this animal is not fatal for humans, however if we receive one it can cause us a great sensation of pain. It is also possible that some people may experience allergies. Obviously we should never leave this invertebrate within the reach of children.

Even so it is not advisable to have an emperor scorpion, for several reasons:

  • Without knowing it we can be allergic to its poison, that could be deadly.
  • It is protected by the CITES convention since it is in danger of extinction.
  • Probably the majority of specimens come from illegal traffic.

These are some of the main reasons why AnimalWised is against keeping this animal as a pet within a home.

Emperor scorpion care

This invertebrate does not require great care or dedication and is that it is a very resistant and long-lived specimen that can accompany us up to 10 years in freedom, a figure that is reduced in a home being 5 years the most common life expectancy.

We must provide you a large terrarium In this way, the bigger it is, the better conditions our new tenant will live in and the better they will be able to move around it. The decoration should be simple and emulate its natural environment by adding a base of warm colored gravel (they love to dig) that is at least 5 centimeters thick. Rocks and small branches will decorate the environment of the terrarium to offer you a comfortable environment.

Another very important consideration to take into account is the need for set a temperature stable 25ºC and 30ºC. They also require a humidity of 80%. Finally we will add the importance of placing the terrarium in a space away from drafts but with ventilation and natural light..

Cleaning the habitat of the emperor scorpion will be unusual since they are animals that do not tend to mess precisely. We must be careful when picking it up and removing it from the terrarium: always carefully and without stressing it, paying attention to the stinger.

Emperor scorpion diet

We will feed you between 1 and 2 times a week With insects, the most common is to offer crickets although there are also other possibilities in shops such as cockroaches and beetles. Ask at the nearest exotic center what they have.

In the same way, the emperor scorpion will need to hydrate with water for this we will place a container with water, low in height so that it cannot drown. Another option that some amateurs use is to soak a cotton ball.

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