The emotional moment when this lost dog is reunited with her owner two years later

We often refer to dogs as "man's best friends " and it is clear that throughout history dogs have shown true empathy, a desire to protect and respect their loved ones, especially their owners. As time passes, they never forget us.

That is what happened with Pakita. Apparently, during a walk, this dog got lost and had no choice but to wander the streets until a man found her and took her to an Argentine shelter called Arca Animal. As much as the keepers tried to make the animal have a happy life, Pakita always she was very sad and afraid. After 2 years there, those responsible for the shelter posted a picture of him on social networks to find him an adoptive family that could provide him with the happiness he so badly needed.

They soon received a response, and, to everyone's surprise, Pakita already had an owner! It was Ariel's mother who contacted the shelter and assured that Pakita was her son's dog, and that her family, I had been looking for her all that time with no result. Therefore, Ariel went to the shelter to see if that dog was really Pakita, whom she missed so much and had almost lost hope of seeing her again..

Here we have the emotional video of the reunion between Pakita and Ariel. In the images you can see how the bitch immediately recognizes her scent, he begins to bark and jump for joy when he realizes that he is his owner. Despite the passage of time, neither Pakita nor its owner had forgotten each other.

Source: Arca Animal

Summary Article Name The emotional moment in which this lost dog for two years is reunited with her owner Description This video shows the reunion between a missing dog for 2 years and her former owner who never stopped looking for her. Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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