The emotional speech of the singer Pink dedicated to her 6-year-old daughter that no one should miss

Pink is a singer who has been achieving success for many years. She is known throughout the world, her talented voice, her indisputable style and the vindication of her lyrics has been the perfect formula for success..

She and other world-famous figures, be they actors, singers, politicians, etc., become a reference for people. The new generations are soaked in all that information they see in the media, they listen carefully to the interviews, the lyrics of the songs. They look at the physical, the fashion, and even the last detail.

That is why all those people have a great responsibility. Not from being a politically correct person, but to be themselves and convey that anyone, seen as seen, whatever it may be, should be happy as it is, accept and love themselves. We always meet people who disagree, with people who criticize, but the important thing is that this should never win.

At the last Video Music Award gala, when Pink took the stage to collect her award, she dedicated her speech to her 6-year-old daughter. But that speech, actually, it applies to each and every one of us. Adults or children, it does not matter, their words cross any generational barrier and make us consider our own prejudices. Listen carefully and judge for yourself:

Source: Louhanne

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