The baby who knows the whole Rocky Balboa workout routine

There is no suitable age to have idols. They come and they stay, as if by magic. Suddenly, we find ourselves following the Beatles or doing the same as Nadia Comăneci or sharing Mandela's ideals.

We are attracted to something about what they do, how they think or what they defend tooth and nail. It is also good because having ideals or people we admire builds our own personality.

We all have a figure that makes us a model, Whoever it is, but we have someone. Perhaps what we do not have is a trajectory as early as that of this child.

He still wears a diaper and doesn't talk, but he's already following Rocky Balboa. Perfectly imitates the workouts that the king of boxing does in fiction. 

It's hard to believe because it's mind-blowing. It seems almost impossible that someone could do this at such a young age. And it is that no matter how many times you see the video, you will be amazed at all of them.

Not even many of us could get half the moves what is this baby doing.

Everything is known. The order and the way to do it, the way to place the legs and those little arms. Everything to imitate his teacher. I don't think there is a child fitter than this little one.

See the ease and dexterity shown in the video. You will not cease to be surprised for a long time. I assure!

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