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The German Shepherd Dog is a very popular breed and widespread throughout the world. The reason is due to its extraordinary intelligence, the affection he has for his owner and his family, and the innate courage that he treasures in his character. However, the German Shepherd suffers from two problems that many people are unaware of:

The first is that it is the breed with which many inexperienced breeders make real fudges, using nefarious ways and means of breeding, or using very close parental lines. The second problem is that many people who have high quality German Shepherds are not qualified to train them properly, not being able to exploit all the enormous qualities of such a formidable breed. Consequently, if both problems come together and we are not lucky enough that the dog alone can overcome these vicissitudes, we will not be able to enjoy a harmonic can..

If you continue reading AnimalWised we will advise you on the precise phases of the exercise of a german shepherd, and some explanations of why the convenience of these exercises.

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  1. The German Shepherd as a Shepherd Dog
  2. Train and exercise your German Shepherd puppy
  3. Basic exercises
  4. German Shepherd walks
  5. Exceptional German Shepherds
  6. Unbalanced german shepherd
  7. Ideas for exercising with your German Shepherd

The German Shepherd as a Shepherd Dog

All sheepdogs are or have been to a lesser or greater extent service dogs. There are some breeds that have some limitations, but the German Shepherd Dog does not, or very few of these limitations: one of them is the grazing of birds such as chickens, geese, geese, etc..

The ancient wolf instinct in their genetics finds these creatures as atavistic prey, responding in a totally different way than how they would behave with sheep or goats..

Leaving aside this small inconvenience, it is clear that the German Shepherd is very capable of many more functions than those related to herding, as everyone recognizes..

Train and exercise your German Shepherd puppy

When a German Shepherd puppy is adopted, since the first day it must be initiated in their education and training. Such training necessarily entails a load of exercise that we must dose, being generous in the dose, so that our puppy grows and develops happy and balanced. An abuse of exercise could lead to muscle or bone problems.

As we have noted before, the German Shepherd Dog is a very intelligent service dog. But we must be the ones who train him in the indicated functions. If we want a German shepherd as a lap dog, we will be making a very serious mistake that in the future may cause us displeasure or discomfort; and it will undoubtedly unbalance our dog causing him unhappiness. The German Shepherd is a very intelligent dog and we must stimulate this ability so that it does not suffer stress in its adult stage.

This does not mean that our dog will not be sociable with people if we dedicate time and effort to the socialization process, however, it is necessary to understand that the German Shepherd is a special dog with great needs for physical and mental stimulation. So that this does not happen we must provide you with the daily dose of exercise that the dog needs.

Basic exercises

The German Shepherd puppy needs exercise body and mind in parallel. The simple exercise that he learns to pick up and return a stick or a ball that we throw far away will cause him joy to notice that he is communicating with us by understanding the function of the game; whose collateral effect will be the continuous races that said game will cause.

Another good training will be to train them to automatically obey the orders that we request. Sitting, pawing, stretching, running, stopping, turning around, or jumping higher and higher obstacles will be very beneficial exercises for the dog's mind and body. Find out how to put some of the basic obedience commands into practice.

You have to start with the simplest exercises and progress towards the most demanding ones. We must be patient, repetitive and understand or accept the individual idiosyncrasies of our German Shepherd. Using positive reinforcement and avoiding punishment will be basic. Due to what has been said above about mediocre genetic lines, we must value and accept, if it is the case, that our German shepherd is not a cinematic "Rex ". We are probably not the smartest in our family either, ¿do not?; But, without a doubt, we have the same right to try to be happy and live a full life as the wisest of our relatives could do..

However, if our German shepherd is a bunch, with a good dose of exercise and proper training we will be able to extract the best that he can give of himself..

German Shepherd walks

From what has been explained above, it can be seen that the majority of recommended exercises must perform abroad. A garden, a park, the beach, the forest; Any place will be ideal for our German Shepherd to exercise.

If we live in a city, we must restrict careers to spaces adapted for these uses. From home to the playground, the dog will be on a leash; or in the way that the regulations of our municipality mark. Obviously, vaccinations, veterinary monitoring, chip, and if possible a civil liability insurance, will be essential.

It is estimated that a German shepherd dog requires 90 minutes of walk daily, divided into 2 or 3 outputs. If we exceed the timing, so much the better. I must insist that it is convenient for our German shepherd to learn "things", apart from exercising physically. Bring us the slippers, the newspaper; teaching him to find keys or glasses is not an impossible task for most German Shepherds, even if they are only "normal".

Repetition, patience and positive reinforcement, rewarding with a treat when our German shepherd achieves success in his training, will be spurs for the good mental health and happiness of our pet.

The ride should be a nice moment for the dog, for that reason, do not hesitate to review the most common errors of the walk and try to avoid them.

Exceptional German Shepherds

If we are lucky enough that our German Shepherd owns a intelligence far above the rest, we should consider the possibility that it is trained by a professional. It will be money very well invested.

Police dogs, firefighter dogs, help for disabled people or as assistants for work with children who require special needs are, among many others, different capacities that some German Shepherds are well trained to exercise. The company of such a dog will be a continuous source of satisfaction and pride. Although if the dog is so clever, maybe we are the ones who finally bring the shoes to him.

Unbalanced german shepherd

An untrained German Shepherd without any service awarded by us can become dangerous in some respects: can get bored, think, and self-award a self-imposed function or service.

The fact that such a dog could think a priori would seem like good news. But imagine an uneducated, lazy, short-sighted and envious hooligan who began to think of some comfortable formula to achieve "dough " without the need to study or "work ". All adult readers know the kinds of ideas such dull, bloated minds can produce..

If the pools or the lottery do not solve the root problem for them, the alternatives will not be very Alagueñas. The guy could decide to steal, or worse: ¡politics might tempt you! An untrained sheepdog is a bad business for several reasons that we will describe below.

Symptoms of imbalance:

Untrained and inexperienced German Shepherds usually report some clear symptoms of unhappiness. One very frequent is that the dog accompanies us even when we go to the bathroom; This could indicate that the dog is very affectionate, but it is not always true. It is a clear symptom of dependency and unhappiness. This dog, when we go out for ten minutes to fetch bread, feels abandoned and suffers from our absence. Imagine what the poor animal suffers when we are absent to go to work: separation anxiety. When our dog begins to destroy objects, urinate uncontrollably at home or bark without stopping, we are clearly facing a serious problem. Using kong to treat separation anxiety is a good way to alleviate your stress.

Another problem is the issue of hierarchy. A trained dog knows the place and the role that he occupies within the family, and does not aspire to more because he has his tasks well defined and he takes care of fulfilling them all, being happy when doing his task. You feel useful within your family. In the herds all its components know their hierarchical place.

A bored shepherd dog without any obligation, either is dedicated to destroying furniture and clothes, or it takes to gauge the possibility of prospering in the family social scale. You can do this by urinating in the younger child's room or bed, or by being aggressive to demonstrate to the family group your obvious prevalence over the weaker human specimen. Faced with this type of behavior, the appropriate thing would be to go to a professional, either a dog educator or an ethologist..

True story of an unbalanced German Shepherd dog

This story that I am going to tell is totally authentic. A client of mine told me a few years ago:

They had a beautiful German shepherd dog. They were wealthy people who lived in a mansion with a small fenced garden. The dog had an outdoor wooden kennel and lived in it; The lady did not want him at home because it made her very expensive furniture fill her with hair.

The dog was in good physical shape because he ran around the garden for hours. He was also excellently fed.

As time went on, the dog whenever he had the opportunity tried to sneak into the family home. According to their owners they had the dog as a guard dog, but without any training by anyone. They supposed that it would be something innate in the dog to keep the house.

At a certain point, that family began to find corpses of mice and birds on the doorstep of their house. And the dog shuddering with pride for his repeated hunting feats that perhaps would allow him to enter the home in order to be able to coexist with the human "herd ", becoming one of them.

As that did not allow him the entrance, he began to kill cats, small and medium dogs that at first walked in front of the house; but then he went to get them from the houses of the neighbors of the luxurious urbanization, or he snatched them from the people who walked their pets on the street. He always left the corpses in front of the barred door and howled like a wolf in a shocking way. That dog tried to show that he was capable of collaborating in the feeding of the family to find a place in it, it was a self-imposed service.

Faced with the multitude of neighborhood problems caused, the dog was euthanized.

This is the sad story of a dog that most likely with good training and more human warmth, would have managed to maintain mental balance. And it would not have become a certain danger, even to passerby humans, if its hunting progression had not been halted..

Ideas for exercising with your German Shepherd

In our article on exercise for adult dogs you can find a wide variety of different proposals to practice with your dog. Most will not be difficult for your German Shepherd to carry out. Start practicing now jogging, canicross, agility or cycling with your best friend so that he is mentally healthy and very happy by your side. Remember that, apart from exercise, what the dog really enjoys is that you accompany him.

On the other hand, if your German Shepherd is already a old dog, you should consider that it may suffer from hip dysplasia, a degenerative and hereditary disease that usually affects this breed. To do this, consult our complete article about physical exercise for dogs with hip dysplasia..

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