Educating an American Akita

Animal file: American Akita

The American Akita is a faithful and loyal dog like few others, with a pronounced protective instinct and capable of going out of his way for his human family, and these virtuous characteristics must be taken into account when it comes to training..

However, we must also mention that it is part of the nature of this dog to be territorial and dominant, and if we have not achieved a stable and balanced character, an American Akita male will easily enter into confrontation with any other male dog.

In this Animal Expert article we show you the basic guidelines you must follow to educate an American Akita.

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  1. Plan the foundations of your education
  2. The basic pillar of dog training
  3. Socialization of the American Akita
  4. Starting to educate the American Akita
  5. Physical exercise facilitates the education of the Akita
  6. Advanced training

Plan the foundations of your education

Despite the fact that Akita dogs are faithful and protective like few others, in some countries these dogs are considered to belong to the breeds of "potentially dangerous dogs ", nothing is further from the truth, since there are no dangerous breeds but irresponsible owners. Raising a sturdy and strong dog like the American Akita is not very difficult, but it does require firm commitment and an owner who is not easily defeated..

The first rule that you must always comply with is stand firm before your akita, under no circumstances give your arm to twist. Together with your family members you must summarize the rules that relate to them (do not get on the sofa, do not receive food from the table, etc.) the entire family unit must always know and comply with the same established rules. Failure to do so leads to confusion and role problems in the dog.

The American Akita, like any other dog, needs abysmal amounts of affection and companionship, but of course, this dog needs an owner with character, firm, authoritative and disciplined. If you do not meet these requirements, better get an adopted dog of other sizes or characteristics.

The basic pillar of dog training

One thing is a firm owner, and quite another is an angry owner who gets carried away by these types of human emotions, this does not interest us when we want to train a dog.

The basic pillar of dog training should be positive reinforcement, this could be summarized as follows: a dog You are not punished for your mistakes, but you are rewarded for your successes. A good example of an application of positive reinforcement is clicker training, however there are other methods.

Obviously, we cannot wait to reward the successes of our pet when it is already in puberty or adulthood, adequate training includes positive reinforcement from the first moment and starts at approximately 4 months of age, however, the learning of the name itself will start as soon as possible to facilitate the remaining process.

Socialization of the American Akita

All puppies need to be socialized so that they can fully enjoy their life in our company, but this need is even greater in the American Akita..

This dog will perfectly tolerate children's games, will coexist without any problem with other pets that are in the home and will bend its territorial instinct to the orders of its owner when it comes across another male specimen. However, to get to this point it is early socialization essential.

Your puppy should be in contact as soon as possible with all the members of his human family, and obviously this includes the smallest of the house. The same will happen with other animals, you must make immediate contact with the other pets in the house and you must make an early but progressive contact with other animals. Always trying to make the first contact positive.

The socialization of the American Akita cannot be considered a secondary necessity, but the most important part of your education.

Starting to educate the American Akita

The Akita is a very intelligent dog but in its puppy stage, like any other dog, it will have difficulties to maintain a state of attention for a long time, therefore, discard any training planning that includes long sessions.

5 minutes, 3 times a day and in a suitable environment free of distractions, they will be enough to educate your Akita. The first goals that we must achieve in training are the following:

  • Answer your call
  • Sit, stay, and lie down
  • Don't jump on people
  • Allowing you to take their toys and food without showing aggression

After 4 or 6 weeks from the start of training, it is important to include new orders, since in a way this dog needs to be challenged with new challenges so as not to get bored.

Physical exercise facilitates the education of the Akita

The American Akita has great energy along with a strong and robust body, therefore it needs a lot of discipline and the best tool to provide it is physical exercise. Find out what is the right exercise for an American Akita.

Your akita you need to exercise daily, This will not only facilitate education and training, but will also help your dog to be able to manage all its vitality in a healthy way, without showing stress, aggressiveness or anxiety..

Advanced training

Once our American Akita dog adequately understands all the training orders, he will need to know them. let's remember regularly. Dedicating a few minutes a day for repetitions will suffice.

Once the basis of his education is assumed, we can start practicing with him advanced commands, fun tricks or start him in agility, for example, to continue stimulating your mind. In the same way, we can include intelligence toys such as kong in your day to day life..

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