Primary education in the time of Coronavirus

Having in front of the task of working from home and the duties of the children is not an easy task. During the days of confinement, social networks are invaded with messages from parents who share doubts about the education of their children and other parents who give their experience as much help as possible to help others. Many families wonder, will this situation influence the education of my children??

We must understand that there is an exceptional situation and if we take advantage of it well we can come out stronger.

We have time to do many activities that were previously unimaginable and we must take advantage of these opportunities for the education of our children and above all get closer to them and give them that love that we cannot offer them on a daily basis due to our work..

At present, what is being debated is whether it is essential that our children meet the same school hours at home so as not to lose the habit, but this becomes almost a chimera, since the parents they do not have time to supervise their children's homework because most of them are teleworking. For this reason, experts recommend that the little ones dedicate 45 minutes or 1 hour in the morning and another in the afternoon, to do their homework andThe rest of the time we can make the children aware of their responsibilities and enjoy family time much more.

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What kinds of activities can we do with our children in quarantine?

How do we organize the different subjects? What should schools do? are some of the questions that parents have and that teachers are trying to solve as soon as possible..

Infant children (3 to 5 years old) They should not have homework other than day-to-day education such as: play if it can be with educational games or games that develop their intelligence, help set the table, work on oral language, encourage reading, help cook ( always with care) or work their psychomotor skills.

Primary school children should dedicate time to their homework and carry out activities such as: reading comics, listening to English, and calculating. Teachers recommend that children make a homework sheet per day that collects one activity from each subject..

The intention is not to burden children with many homework, but to spend time reviewing content that they have worked in class without the help of their parents. With regard to housework, the aforementioned accumulates and it would be good to educate children to help a little with housework, put the washing machine and dishwasher, help make food or sweep.

Conclusion of education in the time of COVID

Peace of mind and a lot of organization at home, that we currently live in a particular and different situation does not mean that it is worse, and there are countless beneficial activities for children that we can do.

Maybe it's time to take advantage of the moment to spend more time with those people who are our lives, the beings we love the most in the world, our children..

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