Minions homemade costume for dog step by step

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If you are passionate about Minions and you have a dog that likes to be dressed up, you have come to the perfect place. In AnimalWised we are going to share with you a very complete article in which you will discover how to make a Minions homemade costume for dogs, step by step.

Although you will need some time and the right materials, you can achieve a truly spectacular costume with very little money, and best of all, ¡totally original and personalized for your dog!

If you also decide to carry out this beautiful costume, do not hesitate to share your photograph at the end of the article so that other users can see how it has been. ¡Let's go there with the step by step!

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The first of all will be gather the necessary materials to make the Minions costume for your dog:

  • A minions plush
  • Glue or thread and needle
  • Black cloth
  • Pair of scissors
  • Paperboard
  • Hanger
  • Pliers
  • Velcro

We will start poking a hole in the minion's face so that our dog can look out. Calculate the measurements so that the hole is not excessively large, just a little more than your dog's face.

Make a star and cut it out following the lines until you get triangular flaps as shown in the image. Then we will glue them on the inside to achieve a smooth edge of the hole and also prevent fraying.


The third step will be cut the Minion's feet just above the point where the blue fabric meets the yellow on the feet.


Flip your Minion over and cut it vertically about 10.16 centimeters (4 inches) just below the black band that goes around the plush's head down.


Once the cut of the back is finished you should empty the interior of the Minion except in the arms and on the top of the head.


Now is the time to "fix the mouth " of the doll sew or glue inside. Remember that if you use thread of a color other than yellow or an excessive amount of glue, it will look bad. Try to be delicate in this step.


Now cut a round piece from the black fabric, slightly larger than the Minion's head. We will use it to seal your head keep padding in place. Sew it or hook it with the glue.


Cut a piece of cardboard as indicated.

  • 4 inches = 10.16 centimeters
  • 10 inches = 25.4 centimeters

We will put the carton inside the Minion's body, placing the straight edge on top (on your head). Try to use the smooth and non-patterned part in contact with the fabric in case it will show through.

Use glue to fix the cardboard to the fabric by applying it with a pinzel and thus preventing it from moving. Try not to leave lumps.


Make marks as indicated in the picture and cut the back of the doll without completely dividing it.


Cut another piece of cardboard as indicated:

  • 2 inches = 5.08 centimeters
  • 6 inches = 15.24 centimeters
  • 9 inches = 22.86 centimeters

Bend the cardboard and glue it to the back of the Minion. Glue each fin onto the curved piece on the inside walls of the other piece of cardboard.

13 14

Cut a hanger with the same dimensions as the doll's arm. By doing this, we will make the Minion's arm stay straight. Finish it in a U shape.


Now insert it into the arm locating the "U " on the inside of the body. For prevent our dog from getting hurt it will be essential to add another cardboard or very strong adhesive tape to fix it.

Then repeat on the other arm.

When the glue is set, you can bend the doll's arms in the direction you want.


Add a velcro on the back flap.


Catch the doll's pants and trim it as below.


Now we will cut the back of the pants so that our dog feels comfortable. Cut to the crotch, right where the two seams meet.


Depending on the height of your dog's legs, you should fold the pant legs to avoid being snagged and tripping.


Now you can join the velcro on the flap with those on the pants and correctly fix the entire structure of the doll on your dog's body. ¡Voilà!


All this article including the photographs and the process belong to the web " " and you can see the original article in How to make a Minions costume for small dogs, a page dedicated exclusively to "Crusoe " a precious and famous dachshund. ¡We love!

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