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Who has not thought about how fun it is to dress up your pet, be it a dog or a cat in a homemade costume, but ¿what if you have a guinea pig? Well, nothing, because you can also disguise it as long as you follow these instructions. The first is that you try to make sure that the costume does not cover your guinea pig's head completely, because they are very delicate and could breathe with difficulty. The next indication is to avoid the use of elastic bands, or thin and rounded rubber bands to fasten your guinea pig's costumes, since they tend to get entangled with their fur and then it is necessary to cut it. And the third indication is that if the costume has to be painted with some type of paint, it is better that it be special for pets or children, so that it cannot cause them any type of intolerance or allergic reaction..

If you already have all the necessary material and clear instructions, don't miss this AnimalWised article about guinea pig costumes.

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  1. The student guinea pig
  2. Guinea pig thor
  3. The guinea pig sushi
  4. The sheep guinea pig
  5. The royal guinea pig
  6. The super guinea pig

The student guinea pig

If you have never disguised your guinea pig it is better that you start by dressing it with something simple and not very covering, like this simple student costume/schoolboy. To get this outfit:

  1. Get a mini rodent harness.
  2. Get a mini backpack with the pattern that you like the most. Normally these backpacks are sold to be used as purses, so it will not be very difficult to find them in an accessory store.
  3. Sew the backpack well at the top of the harness.
  4. Try not to let your guinea pig take off his costume.

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Guinea pig thor

If you love Viking mythology and you dare to do something more spectacular, try dressing your guinea pig with this thor costume, the god of thunder, son of Odin:

  • Make sure not to cover your guinea pig's head with any part of the costume..
  • You can use velcro on both ends of the cape to tie it to your pet's neck.
  • Avoid using a rubber band or round to tie the costume because they tend to tangle easily.
  • Use a lightweight material like foam rubber to make Thor's hammer so that it can be attached to your guinea pig's red cape without weighing it down too much..

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The guinea pig sushi

On the other hand, if you are one of those who likes to eat at all hours, dare with this sushi costume for your guinea pig. ¡Eye! But don't eat it, because we know it's cute:

  1. Get an XS size pillow or cushion with an orange print.
  2. Take an elastic black fabric and a little wide to simulate the wrapper of nori seaweed in sushi.
  3. Cut it to the size of your guinea pig by tucking the small cushion inside and making sure it does not squeeze it at all.
  4. Attach a velcro to each end of the fabric and fasten it to your pet. You can also use a clasp closure to make sure no strands of hair get tangled.

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The sheep guinea pig

If you like animals dressed as other animals, this is your ideal costume. With this look you will have a guinea pig and a sheep at the same time. If you want to know how to do this guinea pig-sheep costume, follow these steps:

  1. Get a piece of white cloth and hug your guinea pig with it to get the pattern.
  2. Glue cotton tassels all over the fabric to simulate sheep's wool.
  3. Also place a small white and pink strips in the shape of sheep ears.
  4. Once you have the costume made, tie it to your guinea pig with a suitable white cord or clasp, and try not to remove the costume.

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The royal guinea pig

If you think that your pet has the elegance and majesty of a member of the royal family, then this is your costume. Dare to dress your guinea pig as if it were a king dealing with it royal guinea pig costume:

  • You can use a Christmas hat or sock to make the royal cape.
  • Use a cardboard of gold paper and put some beads on it to make the crown.
  • Fasten the cape and crown to your guinea pig with the help of velcro or thin flat rubber bands.
  • ¡Have fun with the royal guinea pig!

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The super guinea pig

And last but not least, there is Superman guinea pig costume. You can not miss this costume if you are a fan of superheroes:

  • This is the most bulky costume of all, so if your guinea pig is not used to you putting things on him or dressing him with accessories, it is better not to put it on yet.
  • You can make the costume yourself or you can buy it ready-made.
  • You can always make your imagination run wild and disguise your guinea pig as other superheroes.

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