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We know how much fun it is to dress up a cat either because of its crude sense of humor, its expressions and even the excitement of calculating in how many seconds it will take it off. We love to wear human clothes, glasses and hats, whatever it takes to have a good time with him on Halloween or Carnival..

In this AnimalWised article you will find ideas of all kinds that will make you spend an unforgettable time together and that you achieve (or not) an endearing photo that social networks. Of course, first of all you must take into account the personality of your feline to avoid stress or have a bad time, remember that the goal is to have fun together, not just have fun at the expense of their well-being. Keep reading to see the best homemade costumes for cats unique and friendly.

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  1. Do cats want to wear clothes?
  2. Cat with bow tie or handkerchief
  3. Witchcraft costume for cats
  4. Lion costume for cats
  5. Hello Kitty cat costume
  6. Spider costume for kittens
  7. Ghost costume for cats
  8. Batman costume for cats
  9. Super cat costume
  10. Costumes for cats and humans

Do cats want to wear clothes?

Let's be realistic: most outfits and full costumes are going to be a nuisance to our cat. Still, there is a small segment of cats that "let themselves be done " and accepts to wear clothes and accessories, until he gets tired, Of course.

On the other hand, we find cat specimens that do want to wear clothes without showing any discomfort, such as the sphynx cat, a hairless breed that in the middle of winter will surely appreciate wearing a sweater over it..

Before dressing up your cat, try to find some type of clothing with which feel comfortable, without sacrificing your freedom of movement or your hygiene routine. Keep in mind that these animals get stressed very easily, so if your cat costume can only be made up of a bow tie, choose this option and do not allow them to suffer just for giving you the whim of putting on a full suit.

Cat with bow tie or handkerchief

If this is the first time you dress up your cat, use a simple plugin it's a good option. Being used to wearing a necklace 24 hours a day, you will not notice much of a difference if you put this costume on.

To achieve the look of cat with bow tie follow these steps:

  1. Find a shirt that you no longer wear and don't worry about tearing it.
  2. Cut it just below the neck of the shirt leaving a button so that it can be fastened as if it were a necklace.
  3. Make a bow and sew it near the button so that it is centered, we do not recommend using safety pins because the cat could hurt.
  4. You can also cut a piece of fabric in the shape of a triangle to make a kind of bandana. You can even add a hat to the costume for your cat.
  5. Put it on your cat.

Witchcraft costume for cats

Undoubtedly, this is also an easy and original costume for cats, since it does not require many elements but perhaps your beloved pet is not happy to wear it, it may bother him.

To achieve the look of him witch cat follow these steps:

  1. Get yourself an XS size witch hat.
  2. Sew black strips on both sides.
  3. Gently tie the two strips at the bottom of the cat's head.
  4. Get him not to take it away.

Lion costume for cats

The look of the lion cat It is not particularly complicated to make and it is one of the most popular costumes for cats. To make it, you will need a fabric with fur similar to that of a lion and follow these steps:

  1. Take the fabric that will simulate the lion's hair and cut it into a triangular shape to fit your cat, enough to go around his neck. The shagier the fabric, the better.
  2. Sew a velcro that will join both ends of the "hair " and join them at the neck.
  3. The pointed end of the triangle will look like the end of the hair.
  4. Get another smaller piece of fabric for the tip of the tail and follow the same process, in this case it is preferable that the fabric be cut in a rounded way so that the "ball " effect is more graceful.

If you are not especially skilled at sewing this type of costume, more and more animal accessory stores sell this type of ready-made "wigs ".

Hello Kitty cat costume

This is an exclusive costume for white cats, otherwise people will not understand what we have tried to do. To achieve disguise your hello kitty cat you will need white fabric, pink fabric and desire to sew. The idea is to create a kind of "hood ".

  1. Draw the shape of Hello Kitty's head on the white fabric.
  2. Cut it out and make a copy exactly the same using the first one as a template.
  3. Make a hole not too big for your cat to stick its head out.
  4. Sew both fabrics to form the hood.
  5. Make the head and neck bow following the steps of the cat with a bow tie.
  6. Sew all the parts well to join them. Do not use pins or safety pins, velcro is better.
  7. Finish off the job by sewing some mustaches.

Spider costume for kittens

This homemade costume for cats is specially designed for jokers or something sinister, it will depend on the case, even so it is a fairly simple costume to make for those who cannot resist after seeing the final images. The spider cat is a source of videos on YouTube and unbeatable scares, ¿What are you waiting to try it?

  1. Get a large spider stuffed animal. You can also use fabric, a small sweater from your sister or whatever comes to mind, reward originality. You can tie it to the body with a tape, a velcro, a braid...
  2. Add long legs that are minimally stable around the cat's body, simulating a large spider.
  3. Add googly eyes, tweezers, or anything else that might scare your neighbors.
  4. Put it on the cat.

Ghost costume for cats

If you are looking funny and easy homemade cat costumes, ¿How about disguising him as a ghost? In addition, you can also dress up as the same and have a fun time together. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Take a white sheet that you no longer want and cut a square larger than your cat. Think you should cover it completely.
  2. Put the sheet over your cat and draw the outline of his face. Take it out and cut that circle. For your comfort, we also advise you to cut two holes for the ears.
  3. Put the sheet on your cat letting him stick his head out of the hole, ¡clever! Easier impossible.
  4. To make it easier for you to move around, you can tie the sheet around your neck with your collar (loosely so you don't feel too self-conscious) and finish adjusting the length by measuring your legs..

Batman costume for cats

¡Turn your feline into the bat cat! It is a homemade costume for cats that is very easy to make and much more comfortable for the pussy than some of the previous costumes. Although you can complicate it much more, we recommend you to simply do some bat wings and tie them around the neck as if it were a colla or on the back, whichever is more comfortable for you and your cat.

  1. Buy black felt fabric, velcro and black thread. Spread the fabric, draw the wings and cut them.
  2. To make the wings firmer, you can use the double felt, that is, cut four equal wings. Take two of these four wings and glue them together to create a thicker and firmer wing (with special fabric glue or sewing the entire edge).
  3. Once the two wings are ready (with double fabric or not), join them by sewing the center with rather large stitches.
  4. You can leave them like this or surround the joined center with more thread to make it look like a loop, so the wings will be folded up and not completely straight.
  5. Cut another strip that measures a little more than your cat's neck and sew the felt on the ends to be able to tie the "collar ".
  6. Cut another strip that you will use to cover the central thread of the wings and, in turn, join the strip of the necklace. Thus, spread the sewn wings, place the colla strip in the center and join everything with the second felt strip, again, as if it were a bow. You will have to sew it to close the ends.

Super cat costume

Surely for you your feline is not just any cat, ¡it's a super cat, so, ¿why not disguise him as a superhero? Follow these steps:

  1. With felt fabric or other fabric that you have at home, draw a mask for your cat's face and cut it.
  2. Sew elastic rope at the ends to be able to put it on without it falling off.
  3. Cut the cape leaving two elongated ends at the top so that it can be tied around the neck with a simple knot. This is the easiest way to make this costume.

Costumes for cats and humans

If yours is something more daring, try ¡accompany your cat and dress up with him! You will find very creative ideas that appear in film or television such as: Shrek and Puss in Boots, Alice in Wonderland or Sabrina and Salem the cat.

Do not forget to visit our article on Halloween costumes for cats, where you will find other original ideas to disguise it.

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