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¿Have you ever wondered what the differences are between a Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever? Both races possess some common features and its morphology, although being different, can present certain similarities from afar. Its constitution is quite similar in its structure and for this reason, and the name "retriever "which both are associated with their name, causes many people not to know exactly what differentiates one race from the other.

In this AnimalWised article we will talk about two extraordinarily intelligent and affectionate dog breeds, which are undoubtedly considered the most suitable for children and proactive families.. ¿You want to know if a labrador or golden retriever is better for a flat? ¿You don't know which one would suit you better? If you have problems differentiating between these two breeds or are thinking of adopting one of them, in this article you will find all the answers you are looking for. ¡Discover the differences between labrador and golden!

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  1. Origin of the labrador retriever and golden retriever
  2. Physical differences between labrador and golden
  3. Character differences between labrador and golden
  4. Is it better to adopt a golden or a labrador?

Origin of the labrador retriever and golden retriever

We found in the labrador retriever and in the golden retriever two breeds developed in the UK. Below we will show you in more detail how they originated:

History of the labrador retriever

Many experts place the true origin of the labrador retriever in the Newfoundland coast, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. It is there where specimens very similar to the Labrador we know today were observed, performing functions of collecting prey in the water. Some theories claim that the Labrador was founded in the 16th century and that it is the result of the Saint John spaniel and English, Portuguese, and Irish working dogs. However, other theories include the Newfoundland in their ancestry.

The labrador retriever begins to stand out in the early 19th century in England, specifically in field trials, when it was first exhibited by Col Peter Hawker and the Earl of Malmesbury. The specimen described by Lorna, Countess of Howe, was called "Malmesbury Tramp " and is considered one of the first Labrador retrievers. Already in 1916 it was founded "The Labrador Retriever Club " and later in 1925 the "Yellow Labrador Club ", so we could say that we are facing a relatively modern breed.

It is also known as "Labrador retriever " and "Labrador retriever ".

History of the golden retriever

The first Baron Lord Tweedmouth, born in the middle of the 19th century in Scotland, He is considered the founder of the Golden Retriever breed. By crossing a flat-coated retriever (Flat-Coated Retriever) and a Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct), he obtained four golden-haired puppies, which were the basis for the current goden. Later they were crossed with other breeds, such as the Bloodhound, the Irish Setter or the Labrador Retriever itself..

At that time, the first golden retrievers were considered dogs with excellent hunting skills, And it is that at that time hunting days were frequent among the noble classes, where birds of all kinds were hunted. Like the Labrador Retriever, the Golden showed a good predisposition to collect parts. In 1913 the golden retriever was officially recognized by the Kennel Club UK as a "yellow " or "golden " retriever, although it was not until 1920 when it was born. "The Golden Retriever Club ".

We currently find several race lines of the golden retriever: English, American and Canadian.

Physical differences between labrador and golden

The golden retriever and the labrador retriever are certainly very similar breeds Regarding physical differences, however, there are some details that can help us differentiate between the two:

Labrador retriever appearance

The labrador retriever is a dog of medium-large size, harmonious and proportionate appearance. It is considered to be of strong constitution and to have a broad skull. To know the differences between labrador and golden, it may be interesting to review these three characteristics that we show you:

  • Size: males are between 56 and 57 cm. at the withers, the females measure between 54 and 46 cm. to the cross.
  • Colors- Presents consistent colors whether fully black, yellow, or liver / chocolate.
  • Mantle: it is short, hard, dense and without ripples or fringes. Has a waterproof undercoat layer.

The hair of the Labrador Retriever, smooth and rough, differs radically from the coat of the golden, whose smoothness and length are absolutely different, this being one of the most marked differential lines between both races at first glance. Their coat color can be just three uniform colors: black, chocolate, and yellow. This last color being the one that is subject to the greatest variations in tonality, ranging from very pale cream tones, almost white, to reddish tones..

Golden retriever appearance

Like the Labrador, the Golden is a dog of medium-large size, harmonious and powerful in appearance. They define their body as balanced, strong and muscular. To differentiate it from the Labrador, take note of the three characteristics that we have previously analyzed:

  • Size: males are between 56 and 61 cm. at the withers, the females measure between 51 and 56 cm. to the cross.
  • Colors: shades of gold or cream are accepted, but not red or mahogany.
  • Mantle: it can be smooth or wavy, but always with fringes. In addition, it has a dense and waterproof undercoat.

The golden retriever dog is slightly taller and slimmer than the Labrador, although the length of her hair creates a contrary optical illusion. This breed of dog sports a beautiful double coat. The superficial: silky, wavy, moderately long and resistant to water. The undercoat is soft and short, isolating the dog from the heat during the summer and sheltering it in the winter period..

Its correct color is included within the various shades of gold, excluding excessively pale and reddish. The English golden retriever has diverged over the years into two more forms: the American and the Canadian. Both varieties are larger than the English.

Character differences between labrador and golden

The golden retriever and the labrador retriever are among the top 10 positions on the list of most intelligent dogs according to Stanley Coren, in positions 4 and 7 respectively. Below we will show you in detail the differences in character between labrador and golden:

Labrador retriever temperament

The Labrador Retriever is considered to be a dog very intelligent, loyal, sociable and proactive. He also stands out for having a friendly and even docile treatment towards people. They are dogs with a balanced character, which can take until they reach maturity. They love water, smell exercises and are tremendously agile.

Golden retriever temperament

The golden retriever is also a dog highly intelligent, in fact, it ranks above the Labrador Retriever. We could describe him as a dog of character docile, loyal, kind, trustworthy and friendly. It is probably one of the quintessential nanny dogs, in addition, it has a great predisposition for work.

Is it better to adopt a golden or a labrador?

If you have found a Labrador or a Golden Retriever for adoption and you are considering taking him in permanently, you are in luck, both are incredible breeds with a big heart. Nevertheless, ¿how to know which one will suit you best? Here we answer the most frequently asked questions:

  • ¿Which is better to live in an apartment? Both breeds can adapt well to a flat if we do between three and four walks a day, totaling a minimum of two hours, combining walking and games.
  • ¿Which one gets along best with children? Both can be great with little ones, but the golden retriever is considered to be much more suitable in a home with young children..
  • ¿Which one needs more training? Although both are very intelligent dogs, the golden requires greater attention in terms of training and mental stimulation..
  • ¿Which is quieter? Neither of the two dogs stands out for having a calm temperament until they reach their adult stage, but the adult golden retriever could be considered calmer.
  • ¿Which is longest? Both dogs usually exceed 10 years of life, but it is known that the labrador retriever is longer than the golden retriever.
  • ¿Which is healthier? Both breeds have various common hereditary diseases, the golden retriever being the healthiest. This can vary depending on the care you receive and your genetic heritage.

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