Differences between donkey and donkey

The taxonomy o animal classification can, in many cases, give rise to numerous doubts, since sometimes we are not able to identify if two different nomenclatures refer to the same animal or if on the contrary it is a species and subspecies, for example.

Some animals are known by similar names but are part of different species, others may instead be called by several clearly different names and still be the same species. Therefore, there are multiple cases that can confuse us and need to be clarified..

Surely on some occasion you have wondered what are the differences between donkey and donkey, and in this AnimalWised article we solve your doubts.

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  1. What difference a donkey from a donkey?
  2. Differences in the etymology of donkey and donkey
  3. Mule and hinny are terms that refer to the same species?

What differentiates a donkey from a donkey?

When we talk about donkeys, we can all evoke the image of an animal with characteristic long ears and a tail endowed with great fur, which has traditionally been enlarged as a pack animal. Well, when we talk about donkeys, although we may not know this fact, we are talking about the same animal, since there is no difference, both terms are synonymous and are used to designate the same animal.

The words donkey and donkey are used interchangeably to speak of the same species of animal: Equus africanus asinus. In any case, we are talking about an animal that, together with zebras and horses, is part of the equidae family..

Differences in the etymology of donkey and donkey

Etymology can be defined as the origin of the words and the reason for their existence, and although donkey and donkey are terms that designate the same animal, as we have already been able to clarify, yes have different origins:

  • The word ass comes from the Latin term "asinus '" whose meaning refers directly to this animal.
  • The word donkey comes from the Latin term "burricus " whose meaning is "little horse ".

Mule and hinny are terms that refer to the same species?

"Mule " is another term that is widely used, but in this case it does not refer to a donkey or donkey (Equus africanus asinus) but to an animal resulting from the cross between a donkey and a mare.

The word hinny also does not indicate that we are facing a donkey or an ass, but rather refers to a hybrid between donkey and horse, being much more complex to reproduce this specimen compared to the mule.

Therefore, we can conclude that donkey and donkey are the same animal, but mule and hinny are different animals fruits of the crossing between horses and donkeys.

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