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Sometimes, especially when they get older, our dogs become obese. It is convenient to put them on a diet so that they lose weight and do not suffer the multiple adverse consequences that this serious problem entails..

Although it may seem funny and even adorable, obesity in dogs is a cause for concern. The veterinarian must determine the problem of our dog, its causes and possible solutions. He must supervise the entire process so that it is effective and is not counterproductive for our pet..

Keep reading this AnimalWised article about diet for obese dogs to find out what you should do and what step by step you should follow.

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  1. Obligatory veterinary visit
  2. Start with a routine change
  3. Specific diet for obese dogs
  4. Initiation to exercise
  5. Gentle exercise
  6. Active exercise

Obligatory veterinary visit

The first thing we must do, and of course, if we observe that our dog is gradually getting fat, we must go to the vet. The professional will check your weight and ask us about your habits, give us the diagnosis and the guideline to follow to remedy the problem as much as possible. Sometimes obesity can be a consequence of a disease, go to the specialist to rule out this possibility.

It is important to understand that each race and age have a weight standard ideal that should set a maximum and a minimum for each dog in particular.

Some of the breeds with a tendency to be overweight:

  • beagle
  • Basset hound
  • pug or pug
  • dachshund
  • labrador retriever
  • bulldog
  • German shepherd
  • etc

Start with a routine change

To begin, you must make a change in your dog's routine. How can you suppose the best diet is physical exercise, obviously with the green light from the vet. Not all dogs can do intense exercise, as is the case with pugs, which are prone to choking and heart problems. Have caution before starting and find out well how you have to act.

Trying to get a relatively young dog to lose the excess pounds is not the same as trying to do the same with an elderly and sick dog. In the first case we will be taking care of the health of our dog, in the second case it can become torture for the poor animal.

Even so, elderly dogs can also carry out activities adapted to their delicate condition.

Specific diet for obese dogs

In the same way that people when we diet we must abstain from certain foods, our pets must do the same. Our veterinarian must adequately inform us of the non-essential foods and those necessary for our specific case. A diet should not be generalized, since our pet's obesity is not necessarily due to overeating.

Sometimes an endocrine disorder or any dysfunction of your body can cause our dog to gain weight. Our veterinarian will give us the precise guidelines for the correct treatment of our dog: he will tell us what type of feed to eat, the most appropriate exercise and the prohibited foods..

Discarding health problems and diet being the main cause of obesity in our dog, the vet will most likely recommend us administer light feed, a product with low fat content. Of course, it is only applicable to adult and healthy dogs, older dogs can resent an excess of protein and suffer liver or kidney problems.

Make sure that you offer the exact amount of feed that your dog needs, it is usually indicated on the same product and is based on its weight. Do not overindulge in the food supply even if you do not offer less.

Initiation to exercise

¿Do you walk your dog as many times as necessary? Each dog has specific exercise and activity needs and that is that while a Chihuahua will suffice for short walks, a Boxer will need at least between 20 and 30 minutes of time on each walk.

Even if you see your dog listless, listless and reluctant to practice his gait routines it is important that you encourage him to move, motivating him with games or caresses, so that he begins to develop his muscles again. Do not impose large doses of exercise all at once, it should be a gradual process to which he gets used to in a positive way.

Start by lengthening his walks and leaving him in the pee-dog to play with other pets, this type of social motivation usually works very well.

Gentle exercise

Once your dog begins to adapt to his new active life, you should prepare for practice gentle exercise with it, it is important that you get involved in their problems.

The bicycle is a very complete exercise in which you will not get tired just while he is going to have to strain to keep up with you. For this reason we advise you to start little by little and slowly this activity with him:

  1. Get a bike and dog adapter
  2. Present the bike to your four-legged friend
  3. Take short walks with the adapter to get used to it
  4. You will quickly understand that your role is to escort us and keep parallel to our side. Dogs really enjoy this type of exercise.
  5. This exercise can be done with dogs of any size.
  6. It is not about forcing our dog to run wildly, but rather to make him jog steadily and without danger of causing muscle injuries..
  7. We must always demand the animal to make an effort, but without punishing or abusing it if we see it out of breath or running around tortuously.

Active exercise

Perhaps when you start this routine dedicated to your pet, you will discover your potential as an athlete in addition to greatly favoring yourself you will find in exercise a healthy way of life and different, ¡Seize the moment!

There are many types of sports that you can practice with your dog, among them we find jogging, cycling (mentioned above), Agility...

Practicing exercise in a positive and healthy way will help your obese dog begin to regain his ideal weight. Of course, it is important that you understand that you are favoring the development of your muscles and therefore you should not stop exercising even if you are under normal weight conditions. Is it is preferable that you adopt a gentle exercise routine before you actively practice with your dog and then leave it.

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