Diet for dogs with liver problems

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The liver It is an organ that performs very important functions in the body, therefore, when its work is altered, the dog will manifest various symptoms that will require veterinary treatment. Within this, food will be a basic pillar.

A diet for dogs with liver problems Proper care will help maintain a good quality of life. Therefore, in this AnimalWised article we will review the best options, which we must always check with our veterinarian to ensure optimal health in our dogs..

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  1. The importance of the liver
  2. The importance of food
  3. Homemade food
  4. Prohibited foods for dogs with liver problems

The importance of the liver

The liver, as we have said, performs essential functions for life, such as the synthesis of substances, the toxic elimination blood or clotting factor production.

When the liver fails we will appreciate nonspecific symptoms such as anorexia, weight loss, vomiting and diarrhea, increased water intake and urination, and others more characteristic of liver failure such as jaundice, ascites or hepatic encephalopathy, which occurs with incoordination, changes behavioral or hypersalivation, due to the high level of toxins that remain unremoved in the blood.

Among these toxins, the ammonia, It comes from the metabolism of proteins, so these will be the first element to take into account in the diet for dogs with liver problems. Liver failure has various causes and it will be our veterinarian who, after the pertinent tests, reaches the diagnosis and prescribes the treatment that will combine drugs and diet. In the market we can find liver feed for dogs, but there are more options. Here's what a dog with hepatitis can eat.

The importance of food

Once our veterinarian has given us the diagnosis, the treatment will include a change in diet until the dog recovers or for life, if the injury has become chronic. Regardless of the food we offer our dog, we must go on a diet for dogs with liver problems.

For sale in clinics or specialized establishments we will find adapted feed and cans to these types of disorders. These foods contain just the right protein so as not to overload the liver. They are quality proteins and easy to digest, the same as fats, which are the best way to provide energy.

In the cases of hepatic encephalopathy the proteins must be of vegetable or dairy origin. The contribution of sodium and copper will be low. The list of ingredients is completed with vitamins, with special attention to A, B, K, D, E and C, minerals such as zinc, potassium, selenium and manganese, essential amino acids like omega 3 or taurine and other antioxidants.

In any case, these are general characteristics, the ideal would be for the menu to be adapted to the specific damage suffered by the dog. In addition, if you are inappetent or reluctant to the new diet, we can offer you its wet version or soak the croquettes and warm them briefly.

The food must be offered divided into several small servings, 3-6 a day. If our dog still has difficulty eating, we can consider offering him a homemade diet for dogs with liver problems. If we cannot get him to eat, he will have to be fed at the clinic with a tube.

Homemade food

A plate with Quality Products Chosen and cooked by ourselves, it will be very appetizing for our dog. Always according to veterinary advice, we can prepare at home the diet for dogs with liver problems, which we can alternate or not with commercial food to try to stimulate the dog's appetite.

To make this menu we can choose low-fat meats like chicken or turkey. Protein should account for about 20% of calories, although it does need to be monitored to adjust. They can be used dairy or vegetable proteins, soy or corn gluten. They have the added benefit of their fiber content. A recommended fiber is beet pulp.

Also include carbohydrates, without exceeding 45% of calories. Boiled white rice and, to a lesser extent, pasta can be given. Similarly, for liver dogs the vegetables They are indicated, in addition to vegetables such as carrots. We can dress with vegetable oil.

The fats they should constitute 30-50% of total calories, except in the case of cholestasis. It will be necessary supplement with vitamins. We must not add salt. To determine the amount of daily food we have to take into account the characteristics of the dog and consult with our veterinarian.

Prohibited foods for dogs with liver problems

More than talking about prohibitions, we have to insist that the food offered to the dog is of quality. Prohibit or limit the consumption of some when preparing the diet for our dog with a liver problem, it will depend on the specific disorder that suffers. For example, in cases where the food must have a limited content of copper, we must avoid foods that present it in high amounts such as lamb, pork, organ meats, beans, lentils, wheat germ or mushrooms..

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