Soft diet for dogs with diarrhea

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When you dog is sick Due to excess food or the ingestion of toxic or spoiled food, you may suffer from vomiting and / or diarrhea and we only want you to get better soon. A good diet based on healthy products will be the right thing to do in these cases to relieve symptoms.

At AnimalWised we want to recommend one soft diet for dogs with diarrhea, which will alleviate the gastric discomfort that you are suffering. We must always speak with our veterinarian to make sure that he agrees with this diet and remember that we only look for one purpose: that your dog improves.

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  1. Goals of a soft diet for dogs with diarrhea
  2. Ingredients to choose for the soft diet of a dog with diarrhea
  3. Shots per day

Goals of a soft diet for dogs with diarrhea

A soft diet is indicated, mainly, for dogs that suffer from diarrhea, but also other health problems, as we explain below:

  • Digestive problems such as diarrhea and / or vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Transition from commercial food to homemade natural diet
  • Recovery from surgeries
  • Some types of cancer

However, regardless of the health problem you suffer, the objectives of the soft diet will be the same, that the dog is nourished, hydrated and that you can digest it easily. Always, depending on the causes, our veterinarian will give us the best advice. In the most weakened animals, the energy load should be high, so we must put more emphasis on protein and calories.

Ingredients to choose for the soft diet of a dog with diarrhea

If our dog is suffering from diarrhea, we must understand that will be hungry and probably will be dehydrated, so we must avoid suffering a glut. We will start by offering you small servings to see how you tolerate them.

It is not a question of eating everything you have lost or starving, but we have to be careful. Our diet should be made up of the following percentages:

  • 80% beef or chicken or fish without fat or bones
  • 20% fruits and / or vegetables

Within meats (or fish) We will choose those that contain less fat such as chicken, rabbit, turkey or hake. We must give it raw, since cooked is always more difficult to digest. For those who do not dare to raw meat for fear of salmonella, although their dogs will love it, they can grill it back and forth or semi-cooked (cooked on the outside but raw on the inside). Let's avoid using condiments, although we can add a little salt to encourage them to drink water, since they lose large amounts of fluids due to diarrhea. However, remember that salt is not good for dogs, so we will only use it in this case.

The vegetables and / or fruits They should be easily digestible such as apple, carrot, pumpkin, potato, etc., avoiding leafy vegetables or citrus fruits. If we cook them they can be more digestible than raw. We can boil them.

We can also add a egg Scrambled or grilled in small quantities, since it is very nutritious and will strengthen the defenses along with a great contribution of calcium.

If the recommended is a liquid diet, which is usually specific after surgeries and, especially, of the digestive tract, we can choose a natural chicken broth (not industrial). We will boil chicken with water and a little salt, but never using vegetables such as onion or leek, which can harm the state of the animal. With the broth we will be able to hydrate it and stimulate its appetite little by little, until it can tolerate solids. We can also make a thick rice soup.

Drinks per day

Remember that a sick dog will be delicate and, as it begins to feel better, it will demand more food that, on occasions, we must regulate so as not to make it sick again. Diet intakes for a dog with diarrhea should be divided between 4 to 5 times daily in an adult dog (they normally eat 1 to 2 times a day) in less quantity. In this way, we will help the digestive tract work and we will avoid overloads unwanted.

Usually, diarrhea can last 2-3 days and we would have to observe an evolution, but remember that the intestinal flora will need to repopulate and this takes time. To improve the intestinal flora, we can also add yogurt or kefir to the diet, due to its richness in probiotics, always in small amounts. Another thing to consider is that we can make a puree with all foods to promote digestion and to better assimilate the nutrients.

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