Discover a surefire way to stop your baby from crying

They are called companion animals but they should be called joy animals. With just their presence they already do wonderful things and generate happiness. Until they get to get us to stop crying. They stop a tantrum as if by magic.

Pets that take care of the house, that prowl around it giving it life, that generate funny situations or that mitigate boredom during winter afternoons. Those who have animals at home know it well, the benefits they bring are always remarkable.

From the moment they arrive home, they are already part of our family and that includes being like one more. With all that this entails.

Dogs and cats have yet another special gift: they care and protect, and they are usually very good with children. They have a special connection and they immediately understand each other. So much so, that they perform functions similar to babysitting.

The cat in this story is the only one that manages to calm the smallest in the house.

The baby does not find comfort and only cries, but then his savior comes to meet him to stop the upset he has. We do not know how he does it, but when he gets into bed with the child, everything changes.

Like an experienced babysitter, the kitten knows exactly what to do. And baby thanks you.

See the gestures in the video what does the little one do to his animal. What peace of mind to have such help at home.

Source: *** FunnyBabies & CutePets ***

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