Find out what this dog is afraid of, when you see it you won't believe it

Irrational fears they are so called precisely because they have no explanation. They change with each person and are not 'cured ' easily because they do not attend to reasons.

Without thinking about the suffering experienced by those who suffer them some of these fears can be very funny. Let cats panic cucumbers it's the least funny.

The thing about this poor golden, Enzo, also has its grace because no one would imagine fearing what he fears.

There we see him calmly in his place in the car without any fear; yet. But as soon as the object of his fears kicks in, Enzo disappears, he leaves the scene in an attempt. desperate to protect himself from his most feared enemy.

Animals are often frightened by firecrackers or rockets, but what animal suffers like this dog? Who's Afraid of Windshields? A piece of hard plastic moving at full speed out of the car does not seem to be very scary. But to Enzo of course yes. And it doesn't seem like I'm going to get over it easily.

Much better to see it on the video, it's hilarious.

Source: Alexandra Rodz

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