They stopped feeding him and threw him away. His case ended up toughening the animal protection law

Patrick's first owners did something horrible and inhuman. With only two months of life, they stopped feeding the puppy And when I was too thin they threw it away.

These horrible people got tired of the puppy. They didn't want to worry about him anymore and they treated it like garbage. They dumped him down the garbage chute of his building, which is 20 meters long.

The owners thought the animal was already dead, but when a building employee noticed a slight movement in one of the bags, he decided to look to see what happened. It was then that discovered Patrick barely clinging to life, on the brink of death.

Immediately, called the Newark Animal Control Center in the United States, and the rescue team quickly saw what the cub needed to survive.

They transferred him to their facilities where, In addition to a blood transfusion, they offered him all the care he needed.

Patrick was a fighter and he was not alone. You could see in his eyes that he wanted to live, and little by little he recovered his shape and looked more like what he was, a dog and not garbage. With the passage of time he began to walk again, what a total sign of survival.

He got his appetite back too, and started eating on his own like a healthy puppy and happy.

Thanks to the work of the Center's staff, Patrick stopped being afraid of humans. He was close to them and was loving despite their suffering during the first months of his life. He even asked to be caressed.

His story turned around on social media and everyone wanted to support him. About 30,000 euros were raised in just three days. They started calling it Miracle because the dogs that come to this shelter in their conditions do not usually survive to the first night, and less last months.

Although Patrick overcame all obstacles, he had to continue wearing dog clothes until he regained his normal weight.

His case came to the attention of his county senator, who decorated him for his perseverance. The social repercussion was such in the community that a bill to toughen penalties for animal abuse. In 2013, the Governor of New Jersey signed the "Patrick Law ", who came to consider as a fourth degree crime denying the food and health needs of any animal.

It is unfortunate that things like this continue to happen in a world that calls itself civilized. We can only hope that the people who have the possibility of helping in their hands continue to dedicate themselves to these causes and continue to strive to raise awareness among the population. Better animal protection laws are needed around the world and it is a shame that we have to go to these extremes for society and politics become aware of this responsibility.

Source: FaithTap

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