Where can I adopt a dog in Seville

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The abandonment of animals it is a big problem in our society and Spain is the European country with the highest dropout rate. Due to this, there are hundreds of animal protectors that try to alleviate this serious problem, so if you have decided to adopt you have made a great decision, but it must be a thoughtful decision, since bringing a dog to our home is a great responsibility.

You must bear in mind that the dog you adopt will live with you for many years, it will have its illnesses, its accidents, its needs for care and education ..., it is a new member of the family so take care of it and love it for and for forever.

In this AnimalWised article we are going to guide you and help you to know where can you adopt a dog in Seville, ¡keep reading!

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  1. Benjamin Mehnert Foundation
  2. LEARN: Animal Protection Association
  3. LASA Association: The Animal Smile
  4. AYANDENA Association: Animal Aid and Natural Defense
  5. ARCA: Association for the Respect and Care of Animals
  6. Noah's Ark Seville
  7. APA: ARGOS Protective Association
  8. SOFIA El Refugio-Escuela
  9. DdeVida: Defense of the Rights of Animal Life

  10. The Shelter: Association for Animal Protection
  11. Have you already decided?

Benjamin Mehnert Foundation

The Foundation was set up in 2000 with a recovery and rehabilitation center, especially for greyhounds, with a surface area of ​​more than 20,000 m2. They are located in Alcalá de Guadaíra, where you can visit more than 700 dogs in search of a new home..

  • Meet all these greyhounds and dogs of other breeds through their website fundacionbm.com.
  • To contact the Foundation you can do so through the email [email protected] or by calling 954 50 38 41 or 616 711 251.

LEARN: Animal Protection Association

If you live in Écija and would like to adopt a dog, the Learn association needs to find a home for their more than 150 dogs.
This association has been giving shelter and protection to thousands of dogs in the municipality of Écija for more than 13 years, go ahead and visit them, your better half dog is waiting for you in Learn.

  • You can keep up to date with all your news through your Facebook account.
  • If you want to receive more information you can contact them by phone 95 521 97 47 in the afternoon, or by sending an email to [email protected]

LASA Association: The Animal Smile

La Sonrisa Animal is located in the municipality of Brenes, a town with a serious situation of animal abandonment. Its more than 120 dogs in search of a new home are mostly in foster homes, since they do not have their own shelter.
Your animals are looking for a home anywhere in Spain, if you want to adopt in this association and you do not belong to the province of Seville, it would entail a transport cost that ranges between € 30 and € 80, depending on the size of the dog and the journey..

  • ¿Would you like to see your 120 dogs for adoption in Brenes? Visit Asociacionlasanimal.org.
  • Your adoption fee will depend on the age, sex and size of the dog, being a minimum of € 70 and a maximum of € 150.
  • To contact them, you can write to them by email [email protected]

AYANDENA Association: Animal Aid and Natural Defense

The objective of AYANDENA is to achieve zero sacrifice in the Zoosanitario (kennel) of the province of Seville. Therefore, its main field of action is the rescue of said place.

  • In this association they have rescued more than 100 dogs, you can meet them in the Mairena del Alcor municipality or by visiting their website Asociacionayandena.org.
  • If you are interested in adopting a dog from their shelter, contact them via email [email protected]

ARCA: Association for the Respect and Care of Animals

ARCA works since 1999 for the defense and respect of animals. They are located in Dos Hermanas and need to find a home for more than 100 dogs.

  • Meet all his animals through his photo gallery in ARCA.
  • Your adoption fee ranges between € 80 and € 160, depending on the dog's age and sex..
  • To contact them you have at your disposal the email [email protected] You can also contact them by phone 654 949 759.

Noah's Ark Seville

El Arca de Noé was founded 15 years ago in San Juan de Aznalfarache (Seville), beginning its journey with a ceded shelter that was removed and demolished 6 years later. A great misfortune, since it makes animal rescue very difficult due to the shortage of foster homes.

  • Despite the obstacles along the way, Noah's Ark continues and currently they are looking for a home for more than 55 dogs that you can meet through their website arcadenoe.org.
  • You can contact them by email [email protected] or by calling 609 21 20 31/675 225 953.

APA: ARGOS Protective Association

The ARGOS protective association was founded in 2010. Unlike most animal protectors, they do not have the objective of building a shelter due to the overcrowding that animal shelters usually have, so their main objective is to help animals abandoned from kennels or helping those who find abandoned animals in Seville and look for a home for them from their own home.

  • They have 50 dogs located in foster homes that you can meet through their website argos-sevilla.org.
  • To contact the association you have at your disposal the email [email protected]

SOFIA El Refugio-Escuela

El Refugio-Escuela, an association for the integration of abandoned animals, is an animal shelter with a clear objective: to become a convivial center for children in close relationship with animals and nature. While they achieve this great dream, they work every day rescuing and looking for a home for the abandoned animals of Seville..

  • Meet his 50 dogs for adoption through elrefugioescuela.com.
  • The adoption fee at El Refugio-Escuela is € 150.
  • Contact them through the email [email protected] or by phone 609 21 20 31.

DdeVida: Defense of the Rights of Animal Life

Association established in 2004 and with 30 dogs looking for a home, they are located in the municipality of Utrera, rescuing animals thanks to foster homes where all the animals that are for adoption are housed..

  • If you would like to meet the dogs for adoption in Utrera visit the website of this association.
  • For more information about adoption and their animals, contact them via email [email protected] or by phone 647 632 528.

The Shelter: Association for Animal Protection

Founded in 2010, El Albergue fights for the defense of animal rights and for the eradication of cruelty. They are currently looking for a new responsible home for more than 24 dogs that need to be adopted in order to continue rescuing abandoned lives..

  • You can meet all their dogs for adoption in Seville through their website El Albergue.
  • For more information, contact the association via email [email protected]

Have you already decided?

If you have already decided on the association or protector you want to go to for adopt a dog in Seville, do not forget to consult the following articles to know everything about their basic care and send us a photograph of your new partner:

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