Where should a dog sleep?

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Each person has their own peculiarities about how they want their coexistence with their dog to be. Regarding the rest habits, some prefer to sleep together, while others are not confident. Whatever your approach, if it is the first time you welcome a dog into your home, you have probably wondered which is the best resting place for your new friend, if he or she will prefer to sleep in the garden or indoors. , alone or accompanied, etc.

Without a doubt, the correct rest is a fundamental pillar for the well-being of your dog. For this same reason, in this AnimalWised article, we want to give you some advice that can guide you in deciding. where should a dog sleep.

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  1. Tips for choosing where a dog should sleep
  2. Where should a puppy sleep the first day?
  3. Is it good for my dog ​​to sleep outside the home?
  4. Is it good for my dog ​​to sleep in my bed?
  5. My dog ​​does not want to sleep in his bed, what do I do?

Tips for choosing where a dog should sleep

To decide where it should sleep, you should think about a space that meets different conditions, otherwise, if your dog does not like the space or the bed that you have prepared, it will choose to sleep in other places such as the sofa or your bed..

  • Quiet and intimate place: first of all, you must make sure that your resting place is in a quiet and intimate place. That is, you should place it in a place away from noise sources, so that it can relax properly. In addition, this location will be your dog's refuge, for this reason you must respect it and avoid disturbing it as much as possible, otherwise, when it wants to spend time alone, it will simply go to another place.
  • Nice tempeture: the location where you place your bed should also be located in a place where there are no drafts that could bother your animal, as well as having a pleasant temperature: neither hot in summer, nor cold in winter. In addition, it will be advisable that it be an easy space to clean.
  • Appropriate size: as regards the bed, it must be of an appropriate size for the physique and needs of your dog, in such a way that it allows him to stretch and turn over without difficulties. In addition to that it must be thick enough so that it is isolated from the ground.
  • Quality materials: the materials from which it is made, must be harmless for your animal and of quality, so that it cannot easily destroy them in case it bites or scratches the bed, in this way you will avoid that, for example, it hurts itself, and even , may choke if pieces come off.
  • Easy to wash: Finally, you will save yourself a lot of inconvenience if the bed is also easy to wash, since your dog will surely shed a lot of hair throughout the year, for this reason, it is recommended if the mattress has, for example, a removable cover or cover.

Where should a puppy sleep the first day?

If you finish or are thinking of welcoming a puppy into your family, without a doubt, the first night will be the most decisive for both of you. For him, it will be the first night in which he sleeps separated from his brothers and mother in a strange environment, therefore, he will clearly feel unprotected and disoriented. For this reason, it is not strange that he cries frequently, since he will call his mother so as not to feel alone, and now you are his substitute, for which, although it may seem exasperating in some cases, you must be understanding.

For starting to teaching your puppy to sleep alone, In case you do not intend for him to sleep with you in your bed, it will be necessary for you to educate him in his day-to-day life to remain alone. Meanwhile, as the first night is usually traumatic for the little one, it is best to place for the moment his bed next to yours, so that when he is restless you can be for him and see that you are by his side.

Little by little, as he gets to know his new environment, you can place his bed during the day in the space that you have designed for him, so that he can go to it frequently and get used to your new location.

Recommendations to put your puppy to sleep

During this process in which your puppy gets used to his new bed, it is advisable to follow the following recommendations:

  • If possible, place a blanket or cloth that smell your mother and brothers in his bed. Otherwise, although it is not essential, it is advisable that you place a diffuser phereomonas so that your puppy adapts more calmly.
  • You can try to place your carrier next to his bed with a blanket, as some puppies feel safer inside by feeling sheltered. He must be the one who enters if he wants to, you should never force him.
  • Leave at your disposal different toys with which to entertain and bite in case you are stressed. In this way, you will associate the bed as something positive.
  • Make sure there is eaten before sleep, since with a full belly you will sleep better. Also, at night, he leaves his bowl of water within reach and places several newspapers on the floor, so that you have all the needs covered and you do not get a surprise in the morning, since your puppy still does not control his toilet properly and could urinate due to stress.

Next, you will be able to watch a video where we will explain how to teach a dog to sleep in its bed.

Is it good for my dog ​​to sleep outside the home?

Dogs are animals which they like to be in company. For this reason, you are unlikely to want to sleep outside alone. Also, this will probably keep you constantly alert at night And, although many people may find it a good idea to have their dogs watch at night, it is certainly not exactly the best way to ensure that they are well, as they will not be resting properly. This situation can develop behavior problems, which are frequently barking, a fact that can be a nuisance for you and your neighbors, as well as the destruction of different objects in the garden if your dog undergoes a lot of stress.

In case your dog has a rather calm or independent character, and therefore, sleeping outside does not seem to affect him, or in case he is not alone outside (but is accompanied by another furry one), you can try that sleep outside, as long as you offer a dog bed inside a stand where you can take refuge weather, such as rain, wind, cold, etc. In addition, this booth must be raised off the ground, so that it does not accumulate moisture.

In this other article we give you some tips to choose a doghouse.

Is it good for my dog ​​to sleep in my bed?

Many people, when considering where a dog should sleep, wonder if, in fact, you can sleep with them in bed. There is absolutely no no inconvenience in which your dog sleeps with you if you wish. Obviously, as long as it is correctly vaccinated, dewormed, clean and if you do not have any allergies.

However, you should be clear with your dog and tell him from the beginning that he can get on the bed. That is to say, establish the rules As a puppy, it will make it easier for you not to develop behavior problems in the long run, because you must understand that it's you who lets him get on and not him who gets on whenever he wants.

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My dog ​​does not want to sleep in his bed, what do I do?

It could happen that your dog does not want to sleep in the bed that you have carefully prepared for him. This can be due to different causes to take into account.

One of the main reasons is that your dog he does not want to be alone when sleeping And, even if you educate him, the learning process is slow, since your furry is not ready yet, for example, if he is a puppy. You must bear in mind that puppies spend a large part of the day with their mothers and siblings, and that includes sleeping, which allows them to protect themselves from the cold and to feel safe, since their mother watches over them. In the same way, adult dogs that are fearful or that have been adopted, also tend to seek company and try to sleep next to the person to whom they have become attached..

Another reason why your dog does not want to sleep in his bed is because maybe this is uncomfortable for him, it may be too hot and you prefer to sleep on the ground (especially in summer) or the location where your resting place is located is not the most suitable.

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