Where should a cat sleep?

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The cats are very sleepy animals. Except when they are young kittens, who maintain more time of activity thanks to the game, the truth is that adult cats spend a good part of the 24 hours of the day sleeping. The rest of the time they groom themselves, meet their basic needs and play at certain peaks of activity. A normal, healthy adult cat can spend about 16 hours sleeping. We can find him sleeping anywhere in the house, preferably in the sun or, in his absence, in a warm or hidden place, depending on his personality. Therefore, at first glance, it seems important that you have a comfortable place to sleep. But, ¿we have to buy him a specific bed for cats? ¿Our cat can sleep anywhere, such as the sofa or our own bed?

The feeder, the carrier, food, toys, a brush, the sandbox ... are objects that are part of the basic furnishings that the caregiver has in mind before bringing a kitten home. But, just as for a dog we assume that it will need a bed, in the cat this aspect is not so clear. Really, they are more to sleep where they please. For this reason, in this AnimalWised article we are going to talk about where should a cat sleep whether it is a baby or an adult cat.

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  1. Where should a baby cat sleep?
  2. Where should an adult cat sleep?
  3. Tips for choosing a cat bed
  4. Where to put the cat's bed?

Where should a baby cat sleep?

When we adopt a baby kitten it is normal that its defenseless appearance leads us to want to sleep with it. And the truth is that there is no problem in doing it. A well-groomed and dewormed cat will not pose a risk to our health. But we must know that it is common for it to be very active at night, which can interrupt and hinder our rest. In addition, if we prefer that it does not enter our room, it is better that we get used to it since childhood. There is no problem sleeping outside of our room. Of course, always give him access to the sandbox, to water and, if you feed him on demand, to food. It's a good idea to tire him out with an intense game session before going to bed to reduce his urge to explore at night. In conclusion, sleeping with or without your cat is up to you and the kitten's preferences, as some will want to sleep on their own. For this, it is good that they have a good bed.

Of course, a newly adopted kitten that is scared and insecure can cry at night if it finds the door to our room closed. Therefore, even if we have decided that you sleep outside of it, it is convenient leave the door ajar so you feel that we are there. As you gain security, we can proceed to teach you to sleep in your bed if you do not and close our door if that is what we want..

Cats sleep at night if they have managed to adapt to the schedules of their humans. If your kitten still has nocturnal habits, do not hesitate to consult this article: "¿Why doesn't my cat sleep at night? ".

Where should an adult cat sleep?

The truth is that, as in the case of kittens, there is no better option than another when determining the ideal resting place for the cat. It is a decision that only you and him can make. That is, you can let him sleep in your bed if he wants and it does not bother you, but make the decision and do not change it. Be consistent. If you let him sleep with you and, one fine day, you don't let him, the most normal thing is that, at the very least, you have to endure days of meowing in front of your closed door.

Of course, if he sleeps with you, it is likely that he will wake you up at some point to play and, if you have more than one cat, it is common for them to start a pitched battle in the middle of the bed, preventing you from falling asleep. They have a weakness for attacking any foot that moves. Keep in mind that they tend to display nocturnal activity, just like kittens. If you are not going to let him sleep in your bed, offer him a good alternative bed.

Something that is not recommended in any of the cases is lock the cat to sleep. This will only produce stress, anxiety, and discomfort, which will result in a loss of confidence and a hostile attitude. If feline does not sleep where you would like it to, try to find an alternative that is good for both of you and that does not involve disturbing its well-being.

Tips for choosing a cat bed

Whether you have a kitten or a grown-up cat, there are plenty of options on the market when choosing a bed for your cat. You can try several until you find the one you like the most. These are the basic recommendations To get it right when choosing your cat's bed:

  • The size It must be suitable for your cat. A very expensive igloo is useless if your cat does not fit inside.
  • Visualize that you will have to put it in height and not above the ground.
  • You also have to take into account the temperature of the house. In midsummer you may not want to wear a shearling bed and lie directly on the ground to sunbathe.
  • It's fundamental make it washable easily, that you can put it in the washing machine and forget.
  • Another very important point is that you assume that it is very likely that, if he has the opportunity, he will choose a sofa or a bookcase before his exclusive design bed. Therefore, a simple cardboard box with a fluffy blanket can serve as a good resting place..

If you liked the idea of ​​the cardboard box because it is cheaper, do not miss this video in which you will learn how to make a bed for your cat.

Where to put the cat's bed?

Finally, more important than the bed for your cat, since it is able to find places to sleep on its own, is the arrangement of spaces. That is, more than the bed itself, look at its location. The house of a cat, for its well-being, has to be distributed in different areas well separated from each other. They are, basically, the following:

  • Disposal area: is where you have to put the sandbox. It is essential that it is a quiet place and away from the usual traffic of the house.
  • Feeding area: corresponds to the space destined to put the food, whether we give it several times a day or if we leave it freely available. Water is also essential. It can be in this area, as long as there is space to leave it sufficiently separated from the food. Therefore, discard double feeders..
  • Rest area: separate from the litter box and the feeder, we can place a cat bed of your liking, such as those that have the shape of a cave or those that can be hung from the radiators. Usually, they prefer that they are high and not directly on the ground, but it is best to observe your cat to identify its preferences. Anyway, you already know that you can find it sleeping anywhere, even directly on the ground if it is the best location to take advantage of the sun. And you will perfectly notice their tendency to sleep in the warmest place in the house.
  • The rest of the house should be used for cat recreation, using what is known as environmental enrichment, since it is the best way to achieve the well-being of the cat. It is about providing elements such as horizontal and vertical scratchers, furniture arranged at different heights, hiding places, toys, etc., with the aim that they have the opportunity to carry out all the activities that are natural to them, such as climbing, hiding, playing, etc..

Then, ¿where should a cat sleep? The truth is that we cannot give you a single answer, since you will have to observe your kitten to know his preferences and place his resting place where he feels comfortable and does not bother you.

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