Fertile days for a bitch in heat

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The rutting period in bitches tells us when they are sexually receptive, that is, when they are fertile. Especially if you want to prevent pregnancy or are thinking about raising your dog, you should know how her sexual cycle works.

However, remember that you must be a responsible owner and think about the situation well if you want the arrival of puppies to your home. Reviewing your personal situation as well as the well-being of your dog should be your priority. In this AnimalWised article we are going to guide you so that you know the fertile days of a bitch in heat:

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  1. Zeal, an indicator of fertility
  2. Can a bitch be sterile?
  3. Should you cross a bitch in heat?
  4. Is it important to neuter or spay a female dog?

Zeal, an indicator of fertility

Zeal in bitches manifests itself generally twice a year. We can warn it mainly because to bleeding, it is then that she is sexually receptive and ready to beget offspring. To know the fertile days of a bitch in heat, we must pay attention to two specific phases of the estrous cycle:

  • Proestro: it can last between 3 and 17 days and in this period the bitch is not fertile. It will expel a bloody substance, although it can sometimes go unnoticed. The most obvious signs are excessive licking and inflammation of the vulva.
  • Oestrus: Like proestrus, estrus can last between 3 and 17 days and we can notice it when the bleeding takes on a darker tone and is more abundant. At this stage the bitch is fertile.

A bitch's heat can vary greatly depending on her size, age, or health. While some bleed for less than 6 days, others may bleed more than 20, it will depend on each specific case..

Knowing our dog is essential, only then can we be able to identify the duration of heat to be able to calculate the specific phase of the estrous cycle in which you are. In general, the most fertile days of the sexual cycle are between 8 and 16, however it can vary enormously according to each bitch.

Can a bitch be sterile?

Like the human being, the bitch too may be sterile or have infertility for some reason. It generally occurs in older females, in bitches that suffer from an infection in their reproductive system or when they suffer from a disease.

In some cases it may happen that, after a mating, the bitch does not become pregnant. This may be due to the fact that it has been carried out in a non-fertile time, although she has accepted the male as well. If you suspect that your dog may be sterile, go to the vet ensure good health.

Should you cross a bitch in heat?

Many people still believe in the false myth that a female dog should be crossed at least once in her life. It is very important to note that it is not true at all. Dogs do not need to have children to have a full and happy life, they only need a home that gives them affection and good care.

In addition, we must point out some specific cases in which it is not not at all advisable carry it out, mainly because of the risk of problems in the bitch's delivery:

  • Bitches under one year
  • Bitches older than seven years
  • Sick bitches

If we still want our dog to go through a pregnancy, we must reflect to ensure that we have the minimum requirements of space, money and time. In addition, we will have to consider the future of the puppies if none finally ends up in a home. We must be responsible and conscientious owners above all.

Is it important to neuter or spay a female dog?

Many people consider spaying or neutering their dog, mainly to avoid pregnancy not wanted. However, there are other advantages of sterilizing a dog, such as the prevention of uterine cancer and various venereal diseases, the improvement of the character or increase its longevity. In addition, we eliminate the risk of our dog suffering a psychological pregnancy.

Spaying or neutering a dog is an important decision that must be meditated correctly. It is ideal to carry it out in the first years and inadvisable when they are in the final stage of their life.

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