Caring for the coat of an English Cocker Spaniel

Animal file: English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is a very popular breed of dog. It is an ideal pet to live in a flat. However, the cocker spaniel has a type of high maintenance mantle.

This means that if the caregiver does not have the necessary skills to take care of its maintenance himself, he will have to delegate the cutting and care of his hair to a professional hairdresser. Economic cost that the caregiver must be able to assume without problems before adopting this dog breed.

In this AnimalWised post we will inform you about the best ways to caring for the hair of an English Cocker Spaniel.

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Daily brushing

A cocker spaniel must be used from puppyhood to daily routine brushing of her hair. Although it may seem superfluous to have such short hair as a puppy, when the dog is an adult, daily brushing of its coat will be imperative if you want to show the dog with an impeccable appearance and do not form knots. Also, the cocker spaniel's hair grows very fast..

In addition, this daily interaction with the cocker spaniel will favor the relationship between the human and the dog. Making the cocker spaniel more willing to follow our orders and directions, a weak point of the breed.

Ear care

The ears of the cocker spaniel are very long and drooping, which means that when eating they tend to get into the dog's feeder. This means that if they are not properly protected they will have to be cleaned every day, which is quite annoying. One way to protect the dog's ears from goo is to reduce the diameter of the dog's feeder, but this is not ideal for me..

The best way is to put a protective cloth cap on the dog. These hoods are sold in pet stores; but it is extremely easy and inexpensive to make one. It consists of forming a tube of cloth about 12 cm in diameter and 20 cm long. In both holes we will sew a gathered rubber that fits the tube to the dog's head, keeping the ears inside and protecting them totally.

The cocker spaniel is prone to otitis, so the internal and external hygiene of its ears will be essential.

The relationship between cocker spaniel and food

The cocker spaniel's hair is made of more than 90% protein. This means that a good specific diet for this breed is crucial to keep the dog's hair correct..

There are specific feeds for this breed, which are very convenient to use. Its composition is designed for the nutritional needs of the cocker spaniel. His hair will be dense, silky and shiny if he is fed with this I think.

Another factor to consider is the breed's propensity for obesity. These dogs are active when they are young, but when they approach old age they become somewhat listless and sleepy. For that reason, it is very important to know some tricks to prevent obesity in dogs..

English Cocker Spaniel Haircuts:

The cocker spaniel has 3 specific haircuts for the breed. They are as follows:

1. Puppy cut

This type of cut is the most comfortable and the easiest to maintain. It is about cutting all the hair equally, not exceeding 4 cm in length. It is the most appropriate to wear in the summer season. No knots are formed.

2. Princess cut

It is the most difficult cut to maintain. It is about keeping the hair on the back short and leaving the side fur very long until it almost touches the ground. The intervention of a professional dog groomer is essential. The ears should also be allowed to grow hair from the tips.

3. Catwalk cut

It is a very elegant layered cut and difficult to execute. Only a professional groomer, or someone with deep knowledge of dog grooming, is qualified to perform this complex and elegant cut. The dog must be groomed every day.

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