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The common parakeet o australian parakeet it is introduced around the world as a pet, it is the cage bird most popular in the world.

They are as intelligent as some large parrots and can be tamed without problems. They are able to learn to perch on your hand, play with certain elements, repeat words and imitate actions. They love company and joy. If you have or are thinking of adopting this fantastic bird, do not hesitate to read the parakeet care.

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  1. Habitat of the Australian parakeet
  2. Australian parakeet diet
  3. Hygiene, essential to prevent diseases
  4. Enrichment and wellness

Habitat of the Australian parakeet

There are many types of cages for parakeets, however, it is important to choose well, since our companion will spend most of the day inside it. At least we will have 50 or 70 centimeters wide, thinking that his type of flight is horizontal.

We recommend looking for a cage that is wider than it is long. This size must be expanded if we intend to include another parakeet member in the cage. As bars you can use fruit tree branches, available in number of stores. These types of bars are fantastic because with them the birds exercise their legs in elements of different sizes.

Provide it with a feeder (inside if possible) as well as a suitable drinker, both elements will always be kept fresh and clean. At the bottom of the cage you should also add a special type of soil with calcium contributions that stimulate it properly..

The cage accessories of the parakeet must be according to the size of this, that is, we will not put a thousand toys and bars if later the animal does not have space to move. If we want to have a very ornate cage, we will think before about buying a large one. We can include a swing, ropes or stairs.

The Location, As in the case of other pets, it should always be a place free of smoke, direct sun, draft or excessive noise. We will look for a quiet, fresh and harmonious place so that our new pet feels happy and at ease.

You can also have your parakeets outside, taking into account that they must have their shade space, not expose them to excessive cold or excessive heat as well as be sheltered from the rain.

Australian parakeet diet

The Australian parakeet's diet should always contain birdseed and millet, apart from other seeds. If you do not want to prepare the mixture yourself, in the market you will find food for parakeets already prepared, and even packages with extra vitamins, for example.

The parakeet will also need to receive a calcium intake, an essential mineral, for this we recommend placing a cuttlefish bone in the cage, if possible totally natural, boiling it and letting it dry in the sun. In addition, it will help prevent excessive beak growth..

Another element that you can offer your parakeets is alfalfa, adored by most birds, although you should restrict the doses as it is quite caloric and can cause obesity.

We recommend offering daily (or every other day) fruit and vegetables that are good for parakeets, something they love. Apart from lettuce leaves or tender shoots, parakeets tend to accept pear, apple or watermelon very well, among others..

Hygiene, essential to prevent diseases

It is very important that the cage and the elements inside it are cleaned regularly. The accumulation of excrement as well as rotten food can cause the appearance of diseases of the Australian parakeet.

It will also be advisable to check frequently to make sure that you do not have parasites (you can detect its presence more easily on the wings). Generally in spring and autumn it is recommended deworm the parakeet with specific products for birds.

Although we generally speak of very clean animals, we must ensure that it can be cleaned comfortably. Therefore we recommend buying bird pools, thus allowing them to soak and clean better. If you can't find any, you can get a small plastic container that has easy access and fill it with water or use a sprayer..

Enrichment and wellness

Having a large cage, allowing him to listen to music or offer him new toys from time to time is essential for the day-to-day life of our partner to be entertaining and positive..

The enrichment of birds is important to avoid stress, frustration, or loneliness. Parakeets are very sociable animals and if they are not cared for properly they can become sad and sick animals.

If you still do not have a partner for your parakeet, do not hesitate and get a bigger cage so that it can share its life with others of the same species. But if it is not possible, do not worry, it will be enough to dedicate time, affection and sweet words to make him feel loved and entertained.

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