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¿You are looking for information about Afghan Greyhound Hair Care? Perhaps you are thinking of acquiring an Afghan hound, but the idea holds you back that maintaining its splendid coat is extremely difficult. Fear not, it is much simpler than it seems at first glance. I who enjoyed one, Naím, I can advise you on it.

You will see how simple it is if you follow specific elementary rules for this magnificent breed, so different in character and reactions from most other dogs. But today we will not talk about their customs, the topic will be about the care of their hair.

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  1. Basic tips
  2. The bath of the Afghan greyhound
  3. Consequences of a frequent bath
  4. Presentation to dog shows
  5. Brushing the Afghan Greyhound
  6. Shampoos
  7. Extra care for the Afghan greyhound

Basic tips

The Afghan greyhound is a dog with an extraordinary quality of coat that requires minimal but constant care. The most primordial is put a hood on it sold in specialized pet stores, or you can make it yourself with a piece of fabric and a couple of elastic bands.

It is simply a matter of making a cylinder of about 15 cm. in diameter and about 25 cm. long. At both ends of the fabric tube, both elastic bands should be sewn around, slightly gathering the two openings.

The function of this garment is preserve the dog's elongated ears that their tips are easily inserted into the dog's container when it eats, getting dirty without remission if they are not adequately protected. Obviously, before eating, the dog's head must be covered with the hood and that the ears are inside it towards the neck. Which makes him a kind of hilarious country granny.

The bath of the Afghan greyhound

The Afghan greyhound should be thoroughly bathed based on where the dog lives. It is not the same as the dog living on a floor with wooden or ceramic floors; either you are in an open-air farmhouse, or stroll along the beach.

Anyway that is applicable to almost any breed, but it is mandatory that after each bath your hair dry well with a blow dryer and brush it thoroughly. If the hair retains moisture, it is very prone to matting and the only way to untangle it is to cut the knots created..

It will then need to be matched, if care was not taken, at a dog groomer. Afghans do not tend to be frightened by thunder, as is the case with many other races, so the noise of the dryer does not usually bother them.

Consequences of a frequent bath

Excessive dog bathing is counterproductive and can lead to damage the dog's coat and health. Afghans are very clean dogs that do not like to roll on the ground. However, they love to bathe on the beach or in the river, so they should be rinsed and dried well after their adventures..

An Afghan greyhound that does not compete in competitions and lives in a flat should bathe once a month or a month and a half. The soaking, lathering and rinsing time should not take more than ten minutes. It is in the drying where you will be the longest, which will allow you to tell your Afghan repeatedly how handsome he is, although he already knows it.

Presentation to dog shows

In the event that your Afghan Greyhound must appear in dog shows, the biweekly assistance to a specialized hairdresser it will be essential; as long as its owners do not have the expertise and the ideal material to maintain the splendor of the magnificent animal.

In this case, upon reaching adulthood, the hair on the back should be trimmed. Which in my very particular and profane opinion is a shame. But they are specifications of the competitions, which I suppose their purpose is to better assess the line and bone structure of the horse's back.

Even if the Afghan hound does not appear in competitions, it is advisable to take it to the hairdresser a couple of times a year, so that a professional polishes its appearance.

Afghan greyhound brushing

The frequent brushing The long hair of the Afghan greyhound is very convenient. One should seek advice from specialized shops for the type of brush that is suitable. My particular experience taught me that stainless steel metal cards, if they are handled with great care so as not to rub the dog's dermis, they are the tools that achieve a more vaporous appearance in the hair of the Afghan greyhound.

However, for the first brushing I recommend that you use plastic brushes with the tips protected with balls. Reserve the card for the end of brushing.


Quality animal shampoos are convenient to use to preserve the shine of the hair. They must incorporate conditioners to facilitate brushing. Shampoos with lanolin or keratin give your hair extra shine.

Do not wear perfumes; If you impregnate them with excessively perfumed essences, the dog will wallow and get dirty on purpose to restore a more natural smell to its sensitive nose. Oatmeal products are also effective.

Extra care for the Afghan greyhound

The balanced diet it is essential to preserve the quality of its coat. Rich foods Omega 3 they are ideal for preserving the nacreous silkiness of the fabulous cloak of the elegant Afghans. The coloration of the Afghan greyhounds ranges from black to pale blond, there are even albinos. They often have a "tie ". It is an area of ​​generally snowy hair that covers the throat and chest area. They love to be slapped on that part.

An Afghan greyhound in the race is an exciting spectacle, especially when you see him jump or compete against a dog of another breed, which he doubles in speed without any effort.

Encourage yourself to acquire an Afghan greyhound if you want an independent companion who does not follow you until you go to the bathroom and is upset when you go to work or to buy bread, waiting sad, and feeling abandoned, your return by the door. An Afghan greyhound never will. He will wait for you sleeping peacefully in his favorite place and will be happy to see you without stress, showing a lot of affection and serene affection towards you.

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