Jack russell terrier puppy care

Animal file: Jack russell terrier

Whether you are a fan of this beautiful breed or if you still do not know it and want to know more, in this AnimalWised article we will detail the fundamental aspects that you should know about the Jack Russell Terrier. Those who have had this dog in their home before will know that it is one of the simplest breeds to care for, easy to integrate into the family, either animal or human, and as with all dogs, very easy to love..

Here we explain what are the Jack Russell Terrier puppy care, what is necessary, what is indispensable and what is not so vital for their growth. The care of this breed may vary in relation to the care of other breeds, therefore, we invite you to read to learn and not fail, they will thank you..

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  1. Selection of the new member
  2. The arrival to the new home
  3. Veterinary care
  4. Hair maintenance
  5. Little Jack Russell's upbringing

Selection of the new member

The main thing that we have to consider when choosing the puppy is not to rush. Whether we go to a home or a kennel, we should not let ourselves be influenced by the owners, for them they are all beautiful and healthy. Although it is a very strong and healthy breed, we will try to choose the best specimen for our human family.

In family homes, unlike most kennels, they also study us to see who each little one will go home with. They have a closer relationship with the puppies and will try that the new owners are the best for them. For this reason, many times they want to have contact with us in the future, just to ensure well-being of "their babies ".

The longer we can study puppies, the better we can understand them. It is important to make several visits to your current home, kennel or family, to see them at different times.

It's not about choosing a pair of shoes, We must give them the importance they deserve, as they will be part of our lives for the next 15 years. We must focus not only on the most beautiful or, that section that is more shy and often awakens our compassion, but also on the one that radiates good health, courage and liveliness. It is important to choose the puppy that also chooses us, seeks to play and no, only protection under our arm. Here will be the success of our choice.

Do not forget, that apart from these places that we have mentioned, we can also find jack russell dogs in shelters, kennels and reception centers of animals. Look for the most suitable option according to your criteria.

The arrival to the new home

Once we have adopted our Jack Russell Terrier puppy, it is time to give him the best of welcomes. Everything should be in order when we bring you home: your new home. It would also be correct to talk about our plans with the vet or its former owners so that they can guide us in this new and wonderful stage. Some of the things to keep in mind before your arrival:

  • If the days are cold we must provide something to isolate it from the ground such as a bed, blanket or box. It would be ideal to look for a "trundle " type bed that in addition to offering warmth will help you feel protected and safe.
  • Buy a harness or collar and a leash to go out for a walk.
  • Get toys to chew on if teeth are coming out, in this way we will prevent it from biting our shoes or any other household object.
  • Find a trough and trough according to its size, made of stainless steel or ceramic. Likewise, buy a high-quality food for small-sized puppies and some treats and treats for dogs that will help you to start educating them..
  • Do not forget the products for their hygiene such as brushes, blankets, soap...
  • Finally remember that it is very important that the puppy reaches a safe home, it is better to be safe than sorry. Avoid leaving loose cables, areas where it can fall, poisonous plants, garbage, paintings, etc..

It is important that both the first day and the night we act safely and, in this way, we will give our little one confidence to be able to function alone. We will let you investigate your new home, without your native family, so that you can discover your new world.

Like babies, our cub will need a lot of rest In order to grow in this new stage, it is important to explain this to the children of the house who will only want to play with him without rest. It is an ideal breed for a family with children over 5 years old. Their good character, strong build and liveliness at any time make them very popular..

Veterinary care

We have previously mentioned that they are very strong dogs and, normally, in excellent health. However, comply with the vaccination schedule and regular deworming it will make them even less likely to suffer from any type of disease.

The health of the parents and the place where he grew up will help us with his own health. If we were able to meet his parents and siblings, we will be able to know what to expect when our puppy grows up.

Once the stress of moving home is over, you can visit the vet. Until the latter allows us, must go in arms or carrier, with what we will avoid infections that we can regret later. Once the corresponding vaccines have been administered, we will be able to walk you without any fear. One of our functions as protectors of these beautiful animals is to keep them healthy, well fed and with adequate hygiene..

Hair maintenance

This topic deserves a special section. Our jack 's should be brushed once a week with a special glove or a bristle brush, to remove dirt and dead hair. In this way you will need fewer baths, between 2 and 3 a year, a great way to avoid damaging the PH of your skin.

Those of hard hair They will need the so-called trimming twice a year, which is nothing more than a blade that serves to separate the hair of our dog, removing the dead hair that has become entangled with the new one. For this reason, we recommend brushing and not so much this technique or haircuts. Remember that hair helps you maintain your body temperature.

Little Jack Russell's upbringing

If you have visited our Jack Russell Terrier file, you will know that it is a temperamental, active and curious dog, that need a training soon unlike other races.

Apart from teaching him to urinate in the street, guiding him to learn to chew his toys and not furniture, you should start educating him in basic obedience around 4-5 months of life. At this stage, puppies learn easily and it is the right time to introduce them to basic training orders, essential for good communication and for their safety outside the home. Do not forget that with 5-10 minutes a day it is enough, we must not overwhelm the puppy.

Finally, we will remember the importance of the puppy's socialization, a process in which we must introduce him to other people, animals and the environment in which he will live. This part of your education is fundamental to avoid fear and negative attitudes in the future.

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