Caring for the American Akita

Animal file: American Akita

The American Akita comes from the Matagi Akitas dogs, originally from Japan and of which we find the oldest references close to the year 1603. The Matagi Akitas were used to hunt the bear and later were used as fighting dogs.

Centuries later they were crossed with tosa inu dogs and mastiffs, originating various types of akita dogs that were then classified according to the use they were given. The American Akita follows a bloodline originating in the United States and comes from the crossing of Akita dogs with German Shepherds.

If you are passionate about this canine breed and you are considering hosting a dog of these characteristics, in this AnimalWised article we will talk about the american akita care.

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  1. Puppy socialization
  2. Exercise, discipline and affection
  3. Caring for the coat of the American Akita
  4. Other care of the American Akita

Puppy socialization

Any puppy must be socialized so that in its adult stage it can have a stable and balanced behavior, however, this need takes a toll. major importance when we talk about the american akita. ¿Why? Very simple, it is a strong, robust, pain resistant and very territorial dog.

Socialization is especially important to be able to balance these features In an adult specimen, let's see below the most important aspects to take into account when we want to socialize an American Akita puppy:

  • You should have at your disposal a sturdy toy suitable for dogs, since loves to nibble And you must channel this energy with the right accessories. Discover how to teach your puppy to bite.
  • Since he was little he should start make contact with the whole family human, including of course the smallest of the house.
  • The sooner you start to get used to the presence of other dogs and animals, better. We must bear in mind that the American Akita is very territorial, especially with male dogs, therefore, it must enjoy the company of other animals from the first stages of its life, to later have a balanced character. Sterilization is highly recommended.

Exercise, discipline and affection

The American Akita needs a self-confident owner who knows how to properly apply his authority, with character and with the ability to provide optimal training and education, which obviously must always be based on positive reinforcement. Practicing training on a daily basis will be basic and fundamental.

Controlled physical exercise and in the company of its owner, will provide the American Akita with a excellent resource for managing your stress and balance its character, in addition, exercise also acts as a disciplinary method that brings multiple benefits to our pet.

Finally we must mention that the Akita (both the American and the Japanese) is a dog that is characterized by having a total devotion and loyalty to his human family, This means that together with adequate training, we must provide enough affection, attention, games and company, only then will we get to have a completely happy and healthy dog.

Care of the coat of the American Akita

The American Akita possesses a double coat that effectively insulates it from the cold; periodic brushing will be of great importance to avoid having to increase the baths (which we will always do with a specific shampoo for dogs) and to keep the functionality of the coat in perfect condition.

For this, it will be enough to weekly brushing which should be daily in spring and autumn, because during these seasons a shed is made in the coat.

During the molting season, daily brushing will also help us to supervise the process, since some specimens are prone to eczema In this period, however, it will not be necessary to give it greater importance if we control the move to ensure that it is carried out without any problem..

Other care of the American Akita

The American Akita has a life expectancy of about 10 years, however, with proper care it can live 12 years, If it is your desire to enjoy a long-lived dog, you should also take into account these tips that will help you give your Akita the best care:

  • We must avoid the accumulation of tartar on teeth and gums, for this we must periodically proceed to oral hygiene with toothpaste and brush specific for dogs. It is convenient to get used to this routine from an early age.
  • Needs to feed through a I think specific for large dogs, that helps you mainly to avoid joint diseases and that nourishes such important structures as cartilage. The right feed will also help keep their fur in optimal condition..
  • Obviously, it needs the generic care that we would apply to any other dog, such as following the vaccination program and undergoing periodic veterinary reviews.

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