When you see this puppy learning to howl, you will melt with love

Although thousands of years ago the dog began to approach men and differentiate itself from the wolf, some races still have primal instincts that show who their predecessors are.

As you know, wolves and dogs are social animals that live in community and that need the group to survive. It is because of that one of his fundamental skills is communication. When living in wild environments, individuals must be able to find their herd or warn of the presence of dangers and, to do this, su most basic tool is the howl.

There are dozens of videos of domestic dogs responding to high-pitched sounds by howling. It is neither more nor less than a instinctive reaction to a sound that they identify as a howl and to which they are forced to respond, to mark your position and warn the other.

So essential is the ability to howl that some breeds learn to do it naturally, without other group members intervening. The husky is a clear example of this, as it is one of the breeds that most closely resembles the wolf, both physically and behaviorally..

And the video that I leave you below is proof of this. Look how a tiny husky puppy struggles to howl when he is not even one month old. It is a wonder to see how instincts arise naturally and this little guy is, without a doubt, the sweetest thing you will find today.

Source: Break Clips

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