When you see this Irish dance you can't help but lift your feet off the ground and start dancing

The Irish are the Celtic people by excellence. Their customs, their culture and dances can be seen in a hundred films. If you have visited Ireland, you will have seen how common it is to listen to the typical music that accompanies their dance. Even if you've seen Titanic you'll know what we're talking about.

That Celtic dance, with fast, forceful and joyful movements make the most stopped move. Its music Take away all the penalties, I could resurrect a dead man with such a rhythm. And if we know how to do it like these dancers even more.

Most likely, seeing them will make us want to be as good as them.. His dance is amazing.

But the best part is when these two dancers start to multiply and from being a duo they become a wonderful group. Their movements are so powerful that you will be hypnotized watching them.

What a show of lights and shades of green, its color par excellence.

All the weight of this Irish dance is on the feet, don't forget look at this part of the body if you want to learn a step. It seems difficult, but maybe you have a hidden talent or a lot of facility and you do not know it.

Quick movements, tapping and jumping are part of Irish dance. Of course the Celtic people know how to move.

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