When a tourist takes a picture with a wild animal he is killing it. We explain why

It is not the first time that we have discussed in The Cotton Cloud the subject of responsable tourism. And it is that, for several years, the use of wild animals for the entertainment of people has become fashionable. Not only going to zoos is a participation in the deprivation of freedom of animals, there are many other ways to mistreat animals, sometimes unconsciously.

Social networks have become a tool that we all use. Many people strive to upload the best photos, the ones that get the most likes and for that, exotic animals seem to score points.

However, the animals are not there for you to take a selfie with them, and any establishment that offers it is violating the rights of animals.

Specifically, in Brazil, many animals are used for these types of photographs. But there are already several studies that corroborate that after this treatment, these animals die, animals that are also usually in danger of extinction.

It is in our power to prohibit this from happening. Reject this type of activity, make sure that your trips do not violate the rights of animals and disseminate this information so that the rest of your contacts are also aware of it.

Source: AJ + Spanish

Summary Article Name Irresponsible tourism that kills animals Description If when you travel they offer you to take a photo with a wild animal, you must say no, that is killing them. We explain why. Author Raquel Medina Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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