When your rooster just needs a little attention

Animals are capable of surprising us with their personality. Their bodies fit a multitude of faces that sometimes we cannot imagine. But that's as normal as we are loving one day and ogres the next..

Possibly if we ask you for an affectionate animal, the last on the list would be the rooster. We think that these animals only know how to wake us up when not even the sun has risen. But we were wrong, and we bring you the video that proves it.

It may seem strange, but really these animals are loving and in need of care and pampering. It's actually like everyone, each of us needs the exact same thing.

When you see this rooster ask its owner for attention, you will not be able to believe what your eyes see. You might expect it from a dog, and even a cat, but maybe from a rooster was the last animal we would have told about.

Source: RM Videos

Summary Article Name A rooster that asks its owner for pampering Description If you thought that roosters were not affectionate, you were very wrong. When you see this you will understand. Author Ana Hache Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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