When you learn the story of Adam and Eve, your tears will come to your eyes and you will never set foot in a zoo again

Adam and Eve were a chimpanzee couple who lived in captivity at the Sa Coma Safari Zoo, on the island of Mallorca. Last Monday, May 4, both managed to escape from their cage and began a flight looking for their freedom. The first tragic news was announced the Civil Guard, who shot Eva down citing the highly debatable reason that "she was very agitated and could pose a risk to members of the search." They also announced that the end of Adam would be the same if he could not be captured safely. The Great Ape Project organization, which ensures respect and helps these animals, asked for mercy for Adam and demanded the closure of the zoo based on his responsibility in this tragedy.

Finally, on Thursday afternoon, Adam's body was found. floating in a lake not far from the zoo.

It is common for captivity to cause great stress in these animals, so it is not uncommon for them to try to escape from cages that they should never have entered. Animals in zoos can literally go crazy. Especially in places like the one mentioned, where they are in conditions that have been described by the Great Ape Project as "shocking and cruel ".

Nor have the local authorities been in a good place, and even the eminent Jane godall, perhaps the world's greatest primate expert, has repudiated the "unjustifiable death " of these two creatures.

The tragedy has reopened the debate on animals in captivity, and the paleoanthropologist Pat Shipman wonders in Psycology Today if conditions good enough to be justified can ever be achieved..

From here We want the sad story of this couple not to be forgotten and serve to make people aware that animals cannot be in these unfortunate conditions for our entertainment And, of course, we hope that those responsible for the ending of this situation will face their criminal responsibility..

Source: The Dodo

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