How many days can a dog go without eating?

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If we ask ourselves how many days can a dog go without eating, we must know that, in really extreme situations, these animals could survive even several weeks without food, not without water. Without drinking they would not resist more than a few days.

But we must not go to extreme situations, our dog can go days without eating for different reasons. In this AnimalWised article we will explain for what reasons does a dog not eat and how can we get her appetite back.

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  1. How many days can a dog go without eating or drinking?
  2. My dog ​​has not eaten for three days
  3. How long can a sick dog go without eating?
  4. Is it bad to leave a day without eating the dog?
  5. How to feed a dog that does not want to eat

How many days can a dog go without eating or drinking?

More than how many days can a dog go without eating, we could talk about weeks, if we put ourselves in an extreme case. For example, a dog that has been abandoned or trapped after an earthquake. Of course, the resistance will not be the same in a healthy adult dog than in a puppy, an old man or a sick person and the size will also influence..

On the other hand, although it is possible to endure without food, water is essential. Without water death occurs in matter of days. But, as we say, these are survival cases. In our home, if we notice that our dog does not eat, we must go to the vet. If it is a puppy or a very old dog, sick or if we discover symptoms such as diarrhea, fever or vomiting, the consultation should be done as soon as we notice that the dog does not eat. In a healthy dog ​​we can wait a day, in case it were a temporary discomfort.

In case it is a puppy, you can find more information in this other AnimalWised article about ¿Why is my puppy not eating?

My dog ​​has not eaten for three days

How many days a dog can go without eating is many, but the fact that a dog has not eaten food for 2-3 days is a reason for veterinary consultation, because the anorexia tells us that there is a problem. A lot of diseases make the dog stop eating, hence the need to go to the vet so that, after the examination and the pertinent tests, it reaches a diagnosis.

¿Why doesn't my dog ​​eat?

Sometimes a dog stops eating for psychological reasons. For example:

  • Newly adopted animal: Due to the change and adaptation of the animal to its new home, a newly adopted animal may go a few days without eating or even urinating.
  • Changes in diet: a dog can temporarily stop eating, too, if we suddenly change the food. Changes in our pet's diet are always better to do gradually.
  • Ailments and conditions: if our furry friend needs to consume a specific diet due to an illness or is convalescing from an ailment, it is likely that he will also stop eating.

In the last section, we will see how to encourage him to eat in these cases. You can find more information in this other article about ¿Why won't my dog ​​eat if I'm not with him?

How long can a sick dog go without eating?

Regarding how many days a dog can go without food when it is sick, there are differences depending on the pathology and circumstances. Seriously ill dogs often stop eating and, in addition, numerous diseases will directly affect the digestive system, causing vomiting, diarrhea or pain. This prevents their normal feeding, since they would vomit everything they swallow.

In these cases it is normal for we have to hospitalize him, with what the veterinarian will maintain it with supplies of fluids intravenously. In this situation, the dog can pass 48-72 hours without eating. The veterinarian will restart the feeding with wet food formulated for convalescent animals. This is very nutritious, palatable and can be easily diluted for administration with a syringe.

If the dog still does not eat, the tube feeding. When the dog improves, we may notice that it is difficult for him to regain his appetite. In the last section, we will explain how to get you to eat more.

Is it bad to leave a day without eating the dog?

After seeing how many days a dog can go without eating, we know that it can go 24 hours without eating food without anything serious happening to it. But that it is physically bearable does not imply that it is recommended. The idea circulates that dogs should fast from time to time, but it is not advisable.

That a dog stops eating one day due to a specific discomfort is not equivalent to us voluntarily preventing him from eating. We should not do it with any dog, much less with sick puppies or dogs, unless they suffer from a digestive condition and the vet recommends a few hours of fasting. Dogs they must eat every day one or more times.

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How to feed a dog that does not want to eat

Regardless of how many days a dog can go without eating, the truth is that our task is to get those who show difficulties to eat. Restoring food as soon as possible is essential for the recovery of sick dogs. On the other hand, if the dog does not eat because we have changed its diet, the trick to encourage it is to make a transition between both foods in a very progressive way so that you can get used to it. If it is a new diet due to illness and the dog strongly rejects it, we can, always with the veterinarian, explore other options or assess the need for change. It is better for a sick dog to eat something, even if it is not the most appropriate, before he fasts. For newly adopted dogs or those that are recovering from an illness we can follow the following recommendations:

  • Canned food: we can use a very palatable food. For sick dogs ^, there are cans formulated for periods of convalescence. For the rest, we have options of wet food or homemade food.
  • Porridges: we can start by making a porridge, which can even be given with a syringe, always putting it without a needle and on the side of the mouth. If we add water or homemade cooking broths, we also promote hydration.
  • Small shots: the intakes should be in small amounts and repeated several times a day. Never force the dog. It is better to try a lot of times and get him to take a minimum amount before reaching a violent situation.
  • Tempered food: serving food tempered enhances its smell and stimulates appetite.
  • Porridge with sprinkles: once the porridge is accepted, we can make it leaving bigger and bigger bumps.
  • Homemade food: If we resort to homemade food, we must offer it in small pieces, without salt or sugar, sauces, fats or bones. Unless the dog is in a terminal state in which he can and should eat whatever he wants, we are not doing him any favors by offering him sweets, sausages or fats, since if he eats these types of products, it can trigger serious problems of health.
  • Concrete foods: depending on the pathology of the dog, if applicable, the veterinarian will guide us towards more convenient foods for its recovery. For example, a dog with anemia will benefit from consuming liver or red meat..

Little by little we will mix the foods that we have managed to accept with the normal diet. If despite all our efforts the dog still does not eat, it is essential contact the vet to assess tube feeding.

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