How long does a rabbit live

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Today we are going to focus on things you need to know about these little long-eared pets that never cease to amaze us. The rabbit is a companion animal commonly known for its docility and affection. Still, those who decide to adopt a rabbit do not find as much information on the Internet as could happen in the case of cats or dogs. Therefore, many owners wonder how long does a rabbit live and what they can do to extend their longevity. In AnimalWised, we will explain to you what is the life time of a rabbit.

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  1. What does the life expectancy of the rabbit depend on
  2. How long do rabbits live?
  3. Other factors to stimulate the well-being of the rabbit

What does the life expectancy of the rabbit depend on

The rabbit as a pet is a quiet companion, manageable and friendly in which we will find a diversity of characters and personalities. Some rabbits will tend to be more reserved, shy, and even hostile, and others will still enjoy human touch and human contact a lot. Always It will influence how we treat them from a young age Because if we have been careful, understood their language and treated them with delicacy, it will be easier for them to gain confidence over time and be comfortable with us. This will have a direct impact on the happiness and well-being of the rabbit..

Although we may think that these are anomalous cases, it is possible even to go for a walk with him in quiet and green parks. All the care that we can offer him to make his life better will be rewarded in better company and we will have a better relationship with him. Therefore, we will enjoy a happy and radiant rabbit.

Another very important aspect that influences the life expectancy of rabbits is food. In this other article, we explain ¿What do rabbits eat? according to age.

How long do rabbits live?

The reality of the life expectancy of these leporid mammals is very different and varied depending on the species we are talking about since we can consider up to 50 different types. For us to orient ourselves, a wild rabbit would be around 3 or 4 years old, due to circumstances such as weather, predators and the availability of food in the environment. Conversely, a domestic rabbit will live 6 to 8 years.

But this is not all. It will depend on your rabbit living more or less the well-being and happiness that you can bring him. Teaching it tricks, offering it its favorite food and dedicating time and love to it are some of the things that can make your rabbit extend its life expectancy much longer than expected.. Rewarding rabbits can live up to 10 years and as a curiosity we will comment that the oldest lived 19 years.

Other factors to stimulate the well-being of the rabbit

The truth is that, as we emphasized at the beginning, rabbits are more complicated pets than they seem and require a lot of care. Of course, having a healthy life is going to be the first thing they depend on..

  • Hygiene: it is very important that we be neat with our pet and its habitat. Failure to do so leads to the appearance of parasites, diseases and depression.
  • Vaccination: If we are thinking of taking our rabbit to the forest or to the meadow for an excursion, it is essential that it is vaccinated. Curiosity is one of the characteristics of the rabbit and we must promote it without any risk.
  • Brushed: essential for long-haired breeds, brushing is very important to maintain healthy skin and detangling hair.
  • Exercise: morning and evening are the best times for you to exercise. In nature they tend to exercise constantly. We can let you go out and run around the house as well as prepare tube and box tours for you..
  • Game: you can also play with your rabbit to encourage interaction with him and make his day. Don't chase him. Play ball with him, or with other soft objects.

Having a rabbit as a pet does not only mean taking care of it for a while, it means having a housemate with your needs and your benefits, with which we will share time and company and which will mark at least 6 or 7 long years of our life.

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