How long should I play with my cat?

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Cats are social, active and curious animals, for that reason, play should never be missing from their daily routine. It is also a very beneficial activity for him, as it helps to promote the bond with the owner, lowers anxiety and stress levels and can even help fight depression.

However, not all people know how long to play with a cat per day, which means that this positive activity is often forgotten. Find out below at AnimalWised how long should i play with my cat, ¡maybe you are surprised!

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  1. Why is it so important to play with a cat?
  2. Games to play with your cat
  3. Up to what age do cats play?
  4. If two cats play together, is it enough?

Why is it so important to play with a cat?

The cats are social animals And although it may seem like it at first, they don't have fun playing alone. You have probably ever given him a toy that has kept him entertained for hours, but with the passage of time it has been forgotten somewhere. That is because they need to receive stimulation to enhance their gambling behaviors, that is why our presence is so important.

Gambling is a primary activity to promote typical behaviors in felines, such as hunting instinct, for this reason they are especially attracted to toys like "fishing rod " or those that emit various sounds.

It is important to note that the behavior of a 3-month-old cat when faced with play will not be the same as that of an adult or elderly cat, therefore we must adapt the sessions to their physical and mental capacities..

But, ¿how cats play with humans? There are many types of games that we can practice with our feline, but that the cat is able to carry them out properly is a clear indicator of happiness and well-being.

¿How long should I play with my cat?

There is no definite and exact time to play with a cat, since each animal has its own needs, however, it would be ideal for our feline to be able to play daily with us, at least for half an hour.

Some cats with a high energy level may require longer play sessions, while others may become bored or frustrated with excessively long sessions. The best way to know how long you should play with your cat is to take your time to get to know it and analyze its specific needs..

Games to play with your cat

In the market we will find endless toys designed exclusively for our felines and it is not always easy to know which one to choose: there are toys for puppy cats, intelligence toys, food dispensers and we can even make toys for cats ourselves..

As we mentioned above, the games that usually motivate them more easily are those that include toys that emit sounds or the classic "fishing rod ", however, we can play hide with the cat or hide prizes for him to find. There are many possibilities and knowing our cat well will be essential to know which is the most suitable for him. If you want to know more activities, do not hesitate to visit our article on 10 games to entertain a cat.

A good game session It should not be particularly long, it should include short pauses and it is important that it be relatively calm, so as not to promote the feline's lack of control, which can sometimes end with a strong scratch or bite. These details are especially important to take into account when knowing how to play with a small kitten, who is still learning to play properly..

Up to what age do cats play?

Most cats still maintain a active or moderate gambling behavior even in adulthood, others even in old age, but it will depend on each specific case to know how old a cat is going to play.

It is important to note that the appearance of a pathology can make a cat reluctant to play, since it can cause pain. Atritis in elderly cats is a very clear example.

If two cats play together is it enough?

The company of another cat is likely help our feline to cover their social needs if you spend a lot of time alone, however they will continue to need our company. ¡Do not forget! Likewise, it is important to point out that before adopting a second feline we inform ourselves about how to tell if two cats get along.

If our cat has never socialized with other cats and was also separated from its mother and siblings before three weeks of life ... It will probably have a lot of difficulties to relate well with other cats, since its socialization stage will have been very poor.

It is common in these cases for owners to ask themselves "how to know if my cat is playing or fighting " and it is that a cat that has not socialized properly does not know the game guidelines or does not control biting and scratching as it should. If your cat has not socialized, it is best that you bet on enriching the home properly to provide extra entertainment when you are not.

On the contrary, if the cat was adopted around three months of age and has socialized with other cats throughout its life, adopting a cat may be an excellent option.

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