How long does a cat's heat last?

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When it comes to living with a cat caregivers inevitably keep their care in mind rutting period. Due to the specific characteristics that it presents, which we will explain in this AnimalWised article, heat is always a topic of conversation and, due to the problems it produces, most caregivers choose, with good judgment, sterilization. So that we can make this decision we will review, below, how long does the zeal of the cats last, what symptoms do you have and when does it start?.

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  1. When does the first heat in cats occur and how often?
  2. How long does heat last in cats?
  3. Symptoms of a cat in heat
  4. How to calm a cat in heat?
  5. Sterilization to avoid heat in cats

When does the first heat in cats occur and how often?

We call zeal period in which the cat is fertile and therefore can become pregnant. There may be variations but, in general, cats begin their first heat around 6 months old, although it will depend on the time of year, since it is influenced by sunlight, which means that more than talking about how often does a cat go into heat, We must realize that the heat is going to last for months, generally from late winter, spring, summer and early fall. It can continue all year round in cats that live indoors and are affected by artificial light and also in those in tropical climates with more than 12 hours of light a day. This does not mean that the cat spends all this time showing symptoms of heat but it does mean that, during those months, she can go into heat at any time.

How long does heat last in cats?

The cat is said to be polyestric seasonal, that is to say, it presents several jealousies during its reproductive period. In the same way, the answer to how long a cat's heat lasts is not unique, since she can have symptoms for days or even weeks continuously, although the norm is a heat of about 7 days that is repeated every 10. If a male has access to it and copulation occurs, upon completion, the cat withdraws his spicule-covered penis, causing pain to the female and triggering ovulation. This process is called induced ovulation. If fertilization does not occur, heat does not stop.

Symptoms of a cat in heat

Due to the particularities of her cycle, rather than the duration of a cat's heat, we must focus on identifying her symptoms, which will be unmistakable, although we must know that they are not seen in all cats. A cat in heat, in general, will be nervous, very restless, claiming our attention and issuing a high pitched meow, strident and continuous, which can appear more intensely at night. It is also possible that he orients him towards the windows or doors and that he tries to go out into the street.

These demonstrations can be contested by the neighborhood cats, if any, with the risk of incidents occurring between them when approaching. The pheromones that cats produce during heat are also can induce heat in nearby female cats. Of course, if the cat has access to the outside, it is quite likely that she will return in condition. We can also observe that our cat rubs against our body or against objects, she is more affectionate (although some cats show aggressiveness), raises her tail and shows her genitals. Your appetite may increase at the beginning of heat and decrease at the end. Some cats will urinate more often and may mark with urine.

How to calm a cat in heat?

The only way to reassure a cat in heat is avoid suffering it, otherwise we will have to live with the symptoms that it produces throughout the duration of heat. To eliminate heat there are drugs that our veterinarian can administer but we must know that, although they can be the solution for a specific moment, in the long term they have serious side effects such as breast tumors or uterine infection. For all this, added to the health benefits we achieve, we can only recommend the sterilization, which usually consists of the removal of the uterus and ovaries. With this, the cat will no longer have heat and, therefore, will not be able to reproduce.

Sterilization to avoid heat in cats

In order not to have to worry about how long a cat's heat lasts, what symptoms it produces or whether or not she has become pregnant, we recommend the ovariohysterectomy, always in trusted vets. It is recommended that this operation be carried out before the first heat because with this we take advantage of all its health benefits, such as avoiding the appearance of breast tumors.

¿You can sterilize a cat in heat?

Better that the cat is not in heat when we set the intervention because, although a cat in heat can be sterilized if there is no other choice., it is preferable that it is not to avoid that the increased blood supply to the area complicates the procedure with bleeding.

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