How much does it cost to keep a dog?

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If you are evaluating the option of to adopt a dog, It is essential that you previously inform yourself about the monthly and annual expenses that your maintenance may entail. Although there are fixed cats, where we would include food or veterinary expenses, it is also important to take into account some unforeseen events that may appear in the event of an accident, loss or illness..

In this AnimalWised article we will help you calculate how much does it cost to keep a dog so you can make a rough forecast before bringing your future best friend home. ¡Keep reading!

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  1. How much does it cost to adopt a dog?
  2. Utensils and accessories for dogs
  3. How much does a dog's food cost?
  4. Veterinary expenses of a dog
  5. How much does a dog trainer cost?
  6. How much does it cost to incinerate a dog?
  7. Additional and unforeseen costs

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

Adoption is a wonderful way to include a new member in the home, since in addition to saving a life we ​​will be leaving a free space for another dog to be adopted. However, the adoption of animals is not free and has a cost, which directly affects the salary of the employees and the maintenance of the other dogs in the shelter.

The adoption price for a conventional dog is between € 20 and € 200, although in private shelters the price may be higher. Dogs are generally delivered microchipped and vaccinated. On the other hand, in some cases, we may choose a free adoption, when the animal is old, sick or requires a home urgently. For this, it may be advisable to consult an animal association..

Utensils and accessories for dogs

Dogs don't need a lot to live, but they still require some basic accessories, that we must have prepared before arrival at home:

  • Bed: between € 10 and € 100
  • Feeder: between € 3 and € 25
  • Drinker: between € 3 and € 25
  • Necklace: between € 5 and € 30
  • Strap: between € 10 and € 60
  • Carrier: between € 20 and € 300
  • Stool bags: between € 1 and € 10
  • Raincoat: between € 10 and € 50
  • Soakers: between € 5 and € 15
  • Brush: between € 3 and € 20
  • Shampoo: between € 4 and € 20
  • Toys: between € 10 and € 50

The initial cost of all accessories would be between € 80 and € 700. Even so, you can make your own utensils by following our tutorials on YouTube, where we will explain how to make a homemade dog feeder, a flag collar or a food vending toy among many other crafts.. ¡Do not miss it!

How much does a dog's food cost?

Food is a key aspect of dog care, as it has a direct impact on its health and coat. There are many options: homemade recipes, balanced feed, wet food, barf diet ... We know that it is not always easy to choose, therefore, consult a vet specialized in nutrition can be a great option for inexperienced owners.

The price of food is highly variable, since a small dog will not consume the same amount as a large one, so our choice should always be based on The product quality and in the acceptance of the dog, never in the price.

If we talk about home made recepies or Barf diet, the average price of a small dog can be between € 30 and € 50 per month, but the cost for large dogs can skyrocket from € 60 to € 150. On the other hand, the I think balanced It is usually cheaper, placing the cost of feeding a small dog around € 20 and € 40 for small dogs and between € 50 and € 70 for large dogs.

Veterinary expenses of a dog

Veterinary costs in Spain are usually high, due to the VAT of 21%, however, we can cushion veterinary assistance through insurance for dogs, which would cover consultations and surgical interventions (but not vaccines and deworming) . This type of insurance costs around € 80 and € 200 per year.

Veterinary expenses for puppy dogs

During the first year of life, the puppy must be vaccinated up to three times to complete its vaccination schedule, but in addition, it will be essential to implant the microchip and, optionally, practice neutering:

  • Consultation: € 30 approx.
  • Primer: € 5
  • Trivalent vaccine: € 35 approx.
  • Microchip: € 50
  • Castration: between € 180 and € 370

In general, a puppy dog ​​requires between € 190 and € 560 in veterinary expenses the first year of life.

Veterinary expenses of an adult or elderly dog

Already in its adult stage, the dog should be visited every 6 or 12 months to ensure good health, receive the reminder of the trivalent vaccine and be dewormed regularly:

  • Consultation: € 30 approx.
  • Trivalent vaccine: € 35 approx.
  • Deworming: between € 20 and € 35

Therefore, a healthy adult dog would need between € 175 and € 300 per year in veterinary expenses.

How much does a dog trainer cost?

Sometimes dogs can experience more or less serious behavior problems, such as fear, aggressiveness, separation anxiety ... In these cases it is essential to have Professional Help, since handling errors can cause a deterioration of the picture. Likewise, visiting a dog trainer to teach our dog basic obedience may also be an option to consider..

The average price of a training session or behavior modification is around between € 20 and € 100.

How much does it cost to incinerate a dog?

Death is a natural process that all living beings experience and it is convenient to be prepared and know what to do if our dog dies. The price of euthanasia is around € 70, while the cost of cremation and funeral services can be between € 100 and € 400.

Additional and unforeseen costs

Finally, it is essential to point out that unforeseen expenses may appear throughout the dog's life. If we take as an example a disease condition, the canine pyometra, we observe that only in tests we could spend more than € 200, without taking into account the operation, which in large individuals could reach € 500.

Taking into account that the care of a dog can be high, especially in the case of a serious pathology, we recommend making visits of preventive medicine regularly to our veterinarian, take out health insurance and compare prices whenever possible.

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