How much does it cost to keep a cat?

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Taking in a cat is surely a good option if we value the company, affection and unforgettable moments that these felines provide us. However, not everything is a bed of roses, since the responsible ownership of an animal implies an essential economic expense that everyone must know before making this important decision..

For this reason, in this AnimalWised article we want to help you calculate how much does it cost to keep a cat, so that, without a doubt, you can give your furry friend the care he deserves once he is part of your family.

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  1. How much does it cost to adopt a cat?
  2. Utensils and accessories for cats
  3. How much does a cat's food cost?
  4. Veterinary expenses of a cat

How much does it cost to adopt a cat?

Giving homeless animals a new home without a very promising future is always a very good idea. And it is that, unfortunately, to this day the abandonment and animal abuse at the hands of heartless people are still very present. It is for this reason that adopting a cat is a way of offering it a second life surrounded by a family that loves it and can provide it with the care it deserves. However, adoption in most cases is not free, since the shelters that host these animals also need to pay for maintenance costs of all the animals they collect, as well as veterinary care. It is for this reason that, as a guide, the price of adopting a cat through a shelter can range between € 50 and € 150, Although it is very difficult to set a price range, since it will depend on many causes such as the age of the cat. You should also know that the cost of adopting a cat through a shelter generally includes the relevant veterinary check-up, the first vaccinations, internal and external deworming, microchipping and sterilization if they are adults..

Finally, there is also free adoption in the event of hosting a cat through individuals, such as friends, family or neighbors, who have had a litter of kittens and do not know what to do with them or have picked up an abandoned pregnant cat. But in this case, it will clearly be necessary to take the dog to the vet and pay the aforementioned costs..

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Utensils and accessories for cats

When calculating how much it costs to keep a cat, it is also important to take into account all the accessories that you will need to see all your needs covered..

  • Beds and Shelters: cats love the comfort of sleeping in a well-sheltered place, it is for this reason that there are multiple cave-shaped beds, houses, cushions, mattresses on the market…, and even designer cat beds to decorate your home. This implies that we can find cheap cat beds, of about € 15, simpler, and more expensive beds, as well as kennels, that exceed € 100.
  • Feeders: the price of a simple feeder can be around € 2-10, depending on the material (if it is plastic, stainless steel, ceramic…) or the structure (if it is a plate or a hopper). But there are also antivoracity feeders for those cats that eat too quickly, which are priced between € 15-20, and automatic feeders with microchip access control for rare cases (in which there are several animals at home, for example), which cost between € 100 and € 150. In case of opting for a simple feeder, we recommend choosing those made of stainless steel or ceramic and avoiding plastic ones. In this other article we explain why these are not suitable: "Cat feeders - Types and how to choose the best one ".
  • Drinkers and fountains: Similar to the previous case, the price of a drinker will range between € 2 and € 10, depending on the material or design. But there is also the possibility of acquiring a fountain because it provides fresh and moving water to your feline, being able to have a minimum price of about € 20 and exceed € 50.
  • Carrier: acquiring a carrier will be necessary to be able to move your cat safely and comfortably, for example, if you have to take him to the vet. These usually have a minimum price of about € 15, but can reach a higher price, around € 80, in case of being backpacks or bags to carry cats in a comforting way, also depending on how sophisticated the design is..
  • Sandboxes: You must have at least one litter box at home to ensure that your feline will relieve himself properly. Generally, in stores you can find uncovered litter trays for approximately € 10, although you also have the option of purchasing a covered litter box for € 15 or even € 100 if it is designer..
  • Sand for cats: obviously a litter box for cats requires sand and is not especially expensive, depending on the amount that the bag contains. Generally, the price is usually around € 1 per kilo, which means, for example, that an 8 kg bag can cost between € 7 and € 10.
  • ScraperScratchers are absolutely essential for your cat. They can have very varied prices depending on the structure and size they have, as some scratchers are limited to being simple posts while others are authentic castles that include shelters and entertaining elements for your animal. This is why a small scratcher can cost approximately € 10 to € 15, while giant ones (up to 2 meters) can cost € 150 or more. Of course, keep in mind that this is a tool that will allow you to stimulate your cat physically and mentally, as well as getting him to develop such primary instincts for him as scratch marking. For this reason, we recommend opting for one with several heights, even though its price is higher..
  • Brush: Although cats are very clean animals that love to groom themselves, some kittens with very thick fur may need you to help them take care of their fur by brushing them often. These are usually around € 5 to € 20.
  • Toys: toys for cats are a very wide world, being able to be rods, tunnels, balls, intelligence toys… In addition, it is advisable to acquire several types of toys in order to promote the interest of your minion as you vary the toy. The price of the simplest toys can be around € 1 to € 5, but, again, depending on the type of toy and how sophisticated it is, we can find toys for € 15 or even € 50 on the market. A good way to save on your cat's maintenance is to make your own toys with recycled materials, like the ones we show in this video:

How much does a cat's food cost?

Getting into the realm of price for cat food can be tricky, because while some quality feed can cost € 40 per bag, other very cheap can cost € 20, that is, half the previous price. What a cost of between € 200 to € 300 a year depending on the size and daily consumption of your animal.

Be that as it may, we must always bear in mind that the fact that a feed is sold at a very low price is not really because we want to do a favor to the owners or their cats, rather the opposite, since the price generally tends indicate the quality of the ingredients and, therefore, lead to serious long-term health problems for your animal if it "feeds " something that, most of the time, is not even food. We refer to by-products such as "flours " and residual derivatives of the food industry that are not suitable for human consumption, which, in the same way, are not suitable for your cat.

To all this, you must take into account the specific needs of your cat at the time of get a good feed, which you can better indicate your trusted veterinarian. In this sense, do not miss our list of the best natural feed for cats.

On the other hand, if you opt for homemade food, always with the advice of your veterinarian, the price may vary depending on your place of residence, since not in all countries meat or fish is sold at the same price. Likewise, there are companies and brands that sell homemade frozen or dehydrated cat food preparations, which have been studied to meet the nutritional needs of these animals. This food is totally natural, suitable for human consumption because we are talking about meat, fruit, vegetables, vegetables and fish. Prices can be around € 10-12 per kilo.

Veterinary expenses of a cat

A very important part of caring for an animal is making sure it is healthy, which is why it is necessary to take it to the vet for two purposes: prevention and treatment. On the one hand, it is especially important that you make sure prevent risks and the appearance of diseases, For this, the expenses allocated to prevention will be approximately:

  • Vaccines: 20-40 €
  • Deworming: 10-20 €
  • Spaying and / or neutering: € 50-90 for males and € 100-300 for females
  • Microchip: 30-50 €

If you were wondering how much it costs to vaccinate a cat or how much it costs to neuter a cat, here is the answer. Prices may vary from one clinic to another, but, again, the important thing is to ensure the safety of your feline and opt for one that generates confidence. In many countries, in addition, there are clinics associated with entities that help those without resources to pay for veterinary expenses. Thus, they carry out sterilization campaigns in which this intervention is much cheaper, they make offers of vaccines, deworming and microchip and much more. Likewise, there are animal associations that also offer many aids.

With regard to the case that your cat suffers some disease and / or physical injury, the treatment will have a very variable price depending on the severity and type of intervention required, in addition to the subsequent medication, so to cure or alleviate the A cat's pain could be priced anywhere from $ 100 to $ 500, depending on many factors. In addition, in case the condition of the animal is unfortunately considered irremediable and euthanasia is valued, the price ranges around € 40-60 depending on the clinic.

All these factors are what you should take into account when calculating how much it costs to keep a baby or adult cat and decide if you can assume them or not. However, keep in mind that many of them are not paid for at the same time and the fact of offering a second chance to an animal is so satisfying that it will seem priceless..

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